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This? Is a single molecule of pentacene - those are five benzene rings you're seeing, linked linearly. SCIENCE! =:D

I imagine that by now, everyone's already seen this clip, but.. just in case.. it's not particularly suitable for work, but provides well over 300% of your daily WTF RDA. It is, of course, Japanese. ^_^

Three dashed good tracks from Hostage - ravestep, dubstep, plenty of energy and solid breaks.

Matrix squid blueprints, in high resolution.

For anyone interested in vendor-neutral GPGPU, MacResearch is running a series of video tutorials on OpenCL, individually downloadable, or as a podcast subscription.

Well, that complicates things, in a rather unpleasant manner.. the guy we took on late last year's been called up for Greek national service. Not very convenient for us, but with Greece embroiled in the ongoing American Vietnam II, he may wind up getting shipped out to Afghanistan. None of us are exactly happy with this, least of all him. *sigh* His family isn't poor, however, so strings might be able to be pulled to at least secure a safe posting, rather than getting fed into the sausage machine.

Curiously fascinating and amusing: Three Frames. Each day, three frames of film or video, in an infinite loop. Much more fun than it might sound. =:)

I do like the image the final track of this album, Cartoon Hits (with distinctively clip-art style cover - your sign of quality!), conjures up: Popey the Sailorman.

(Deleted comment)
It's definitely worth making even a little time for - I love keeping an eye out for interesting places to explore, on the SL weblogs (New World Notes, NPIRL, et al), and seeing what sort of photographic opportunities they present.

After all, you don't need to linger longer than you can manage. I find even a little wandering around Serenity Woods at night to be most calming. ^_^

If only sims were cheaper! I'd love to have one to play with, but $300/mo is a bit much just for recreation. =:) I suppose there's OpenSim, though - which, now I've got Dandelion, I ought to try out again. Or indeed, maybe they've fixed the endianness problems the codebase apparently had with PowerPC Macs, and I could run a copy on Hyzenthlay, which spends most of its time simply crunching away on BOINC projects (mostly World Community Grid, Rosetta@Home, and SETI@Home).