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So, plenty of cities have flashmobs. San Francisco? Gets the Nā Lei Hulu I Ka Wēkiu hula troupe performing History Repeating, lead by a drag queen, at Market & Castro. Brilliant. =:D (Sadly, the clip doesn't include the very beginning, joining in once it's underway, but so it goes) "Willo" on JMG notes they "held an all-day Hit And Run Hula event all over SF. It was remarkable. They started at the Ferry Building, were kicked out by security guards at the SF Shopping Center (across from the cable car turnaround) but were applauded for their spontaneous hula breakout in the Apple Store down the street."

Of possible interest to a particular fox and bunny, perhaps, though I'd be amazed if they're not fully aware of it already. =:) "Couples wishing to register as domestic partners under Nevada's new law may pre-file their declaration between August 24 and September 24, 2009 to receive their state certificate on October 1st 2009, the day the law becomes effective."

The trailer for Summer Wars looks quite interesting. Hafta find out more about it.. though on the cinematic front, today's big event has to be the unveiling of the Avatar trailer, at 7am Pacific/3pm BST. Intelligent big-budget sci-fi is.. well, let's just go with "rare". ^_^;

Saw something clambering on the mesh fencing to my side, a few days ago, and wondered what it was, for a moment.. ^_^

Has anyone encountered Sparky O'Hare (originally Meister Lampe in Germany)? By the looks of it, worth checking out, despite being on paper.

The PSPGo's UK price was confirmed as £225 - £25 less than the PS3 Slim. Can't say it looks compelling - the DS has a vast (though expensive) catalog, and the iPod touch/iPhone's also doing very well in both range and software pricing. My biggest surprise with the PSPGo was the lack of touchscreen, and to a lesser degree, accelerometer; it's essentially the same CPU and GPU spec as originally launched (or is it?), with more SRAM. Still, at least UMDs have finally been ditched, going for a download-only model, and Sony's current indications are that pricing will be similar to iPhone titles (though that does cover a range from 99¢ to $9.99.. not sure how much will be at the low end =:).

Oh, roohbear! Remember this vocal sample from Banco de Gaia's "I Love Baby Cheesy"? I couldn't place the language, though it sounded vaguely Iberian. Nope! He says, "As far as I know that's not a real language, I think the guy was 'speaking in tongues'."
I'm not sure if it's something I'd enjoy, though - the theme of blind prejudice would probably just frustrate me, and I'd likely wind up getting irked by some of the implausibilities as a result, rather than easily being able to overlook them. Nonetheless, it's very good to see sci-fi on the big screen that's far more than some shoot-'em-up spree, and engagingly produced, by all accounts.

Who knows? With this, Moon, and Avatar, maybe we could finally be seeing the return of sci-fi with some actual science involved, and emphasis on genuine imagination and characters, not just bigger and badder explosions.

(Has Moon come your way?)