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I wonder - why do zombies always insist on only human brains? Is it a matter of quality? I'd never really thought of zombies as, by and large, gourmands, in the same way coffee enthusiasts have preferences for specific varieties. But why the uniform adherence to only Wouldn't there be some who'd prefer, say, chimpanzee? I suppose there's the issue of more brain per body with a human than, say, a small dog, and when you're a zombie, there's the whole exertion of effort thing; so maybe it's more of an efficiency concern. And what about zombie dogs - do they only go for other dogs, or do they tend towards humans as well?

Zombie Godzilla. I think it needs to be made. Actually, I think Gamera would be more the kind of character to be a zombie, but how would you notice?

Oh.. my. This page shows what it claims to be a sample image from the forthcoming Popeye CGI special coming to Fox later this year, produced by Mainframe Studios. I'm hoping the image is merely a hoax.

A quickie I liked from (and if you're not familiar with the Usenet Oracle, well worth a peek):

The Internet Oracle has pondered your question deeply.
Your question was:

> Oh greatest of Oracles, that which maketh my shiny new toaster look
> dull by comparison...
> What is that fluff that persistantly gathers in the bottom corner of
> my wardrobe?

And in response, thus spake the Oracle:

} Moths that died laughing.

For shadowolf and stego_s_aurus, this spottydog image, by way of freakylynx.

Next time I'm in Cardiff, I think I'll have to try Wally's for some smoked paprika.. they're likely to have it, and at a good price; I feel like making some barbecue pork ribs. (My sauce tends to be mildly sweet, fairly hot, and just enough balsamic vinegar to bring out a good tang) I've not used it before, and it seems like it'd be perfect for my purposes. Hm. Wonder how well baked tofu would work as well?

Oh! Almost forgot - Rimle's got a couple new transformation pics up on the TF page. Strikingly unsafe for work, the stallion one moreso.. ^_^;
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