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Truly an excellent way to spend 2m21s, in a style both cynical and inspiring: a short clip produced by Trey Parker & Matt Stone, to a short segment of an Alan Watts lecture, here looking on the meaning of life.

On the other paw, there's this clip, which ranks quite highly in WTF Quotient, starring a student who, it seems, couldn't quite figure out an automatic glass door. (Though by the looks of it, the glass must've been remarkably thin)

Went exploring last night, over on Terravia Island.. beautifully trippy place. =:D It's almost quite difficult getting good shots there, simply because there's so much to try including or excluding, making good framing quite challenging. Well worth a visit.

How well do HDDs survive mail/courier handling? Presumably perfectly happily, though I'm thinking of ones with data already present, as a more convenient means of shuffling larger volumes of data around, within political boundaries and internationally.

I've been very pleased to get back into comics collecting again - digitally, of course. Proof's gone on a bit of a break, unfortunately, but that leaves Neozoic, Abyss, and Tellos as others I'm following. Still, I admit, I did actually buy some of that paper stuff the other week, up at Comic Relief (an easy choice, given they're so convenient to BART and the University grounds, not to mention Jupiter), with the purchase of both volumes of Beanworld. Which, I admit, surprised me a bit in not actually wrapping up any of the smaller storylines - but, if he'll promise to make a better schedule for future issues than in the past, I'll forgive him. =:)

So, what's all this Passport business about? Some kind of virus?

(Deleted comment)
Microsoft? Even I know that's a prime source of viruses. =:)

I'm probably going to be on SL somewhat more, now I've got Dandelion - it's so refreshing to be able to simply wander around and enjoy a perfectly fluid framerate, whatever's happening. No more tentative steps forward while walking around curved pathways, like the rope bridges in Lost Furest. ^_^ (I had to pick up one of their Easter Cabbits - way cute! Couldn't see the wicker basket featured in the promo vid, but the translucent peeps basket is rather nice as well)

What's your name there?
(Deleted comment)
Ooh, nice work! I admit, I only work with pure-SL images, but well-composited ones can look most impressive, as in this example. Did you highlight that in your journal? It deserves wider attention, if not!

Dandelion's the new 17" MBP. ^_^ Quite a step up - from a single core 1.67GHz MPC7447A with a 128MB Radeon 9700M, to a dual core 2.8GHz Core2 Duo with a 512MB Nvidia 9600M (and 9400M, though Leopard can only use one GPU at a time. Snow Leopard will usher in OpenCL, finally bringing about vendor-neutral GPGPU, under the auspices of the Khronos Group, keepers of OpenGL). Looks gorgeous, too, which doesn't hurt in the least. =:)
(Deleted comment)
Worth a look. ^_^ If you need Windows or other OS families, VMware Fusion and Parallels Desktop make simultaneous operation easy (Fusion being apparently better on the USB front, having no difficulties, whereas the coworker found Parallels wouldn't easily manage on the fly swapping of devices - his main use for it is the IDE we use, Keil, which communicates with the devices through USB directly and via a JTAG ICE), or there's dual-booting courtesy of Boot Camp, for full and direct hardware access, or DirectX 10 (AFAIK, both the VMs only offer DX9).

Ooh, really? Whereabouts was that taken? Is it open to random exploration? ^_^

By all means, post the odd SL image! I love seeing skilled SL photography - true, there's plenty on Flickr, but if anything, too much to really take in, and I never seem to remember to prowl my friends' photos nearly often enough. =:P

I'd upload more examples to FA, but the site policy's rather stacked against it - whilst any RL photos are allowed, and in pretty much any numbers, as I recall, anything from SL must be entirely created by you, not merely your own photography, and with a maximum of three images per account. Though I dare say few would mind more, if they're of some artistic merit, rather than the random screenshot variety. As such, my SL work normally goes up on Flickr, sometimes Koinup.
(Deleted comment)


Did I mention the teas I picked up from the Castro Cheesery? Always a good place to find loose tea and whole bean coffees - a good selection, and nice prices. (Even if the teas can seem intimidatingly expensive, priced by the pound =:) Brought back two examples, some sencha and "Paradise Red Tea", the latter being an interesting composition. I'd actually wanted genmaicha, but they appeared to be out of it, or not carrying it any longer - pity, as I adored that nuttiness. ^_^

True, it's difficult to imagine FA actually enforcing anything short of actual ownership violations, as with the curious case of djbalor last year - rather a pity. I'd thought he was a talented composer, but turned out he'd been swiping other folk's work from demoscene sites, and claiming it as his own. =:P Still, as least the forum thread on his denouement included some links to the originals, including who actually came up with them (a variety of people, which seemed to be what tipped off one or two astute listeners).
I'm calling fake on the "student can't figure out automatic door" clip.

Passport is one of M$'s attempts to control the Internet - basically, provide a centralized single-sign-on system, with the idea being that you can sign in to just about any and every site using your "passport". In other words, rather like OpenID, but with the twist being that there's only one provider, namely M$ itself (honi soit qui mal y pense). I think eBay used to use it at one point, but that's about the only site I can think of that ever even offered it as a choice.

Mmm, and anon.penet.fi. Maybe it just means I'm old, but I actually remember that. *s*
Mm, quite possible - although, like the best urban legend hoaxes, it's into the realm where if it didn't happen there, it's probably happened somewhere else. People can be ingeniously stupid. =:)

*grin* Indeed, they gave it a good try, but as with many of their other endeavors, people just didn't go for it. Whilst it's good to see OpenID slowly spread around the web, especially more recently, I'd like to see some of the larger sites fully embrace the concept - but as clunkily evil as eBay is, I'm not sure they'd be able to do that without adding some kind of wretchedness to the process. (As an aside, I'm not very fond of their new system for serving images, deliberately making it less easy to save them. Rather than simply being able to drag/save them, I now need to take a snapshot of a portion of the screen. Hardly a huge matter, but so pointless!)

It was a superb service, ne? I used one or two IDs there, back when I frequented alt.sex.bondage (now reincarnated as soc.subculture.bondage-bdsm, though I've not really been on the newsgroups in many months), though only initially - as I recall, I soon felt comfortable enough posting with my own email address. Quite an enlightened group. ^_^
Yeah, eBay often seems to go to lengths to annoy people, doesn't it? x.x

And as for OpenID, yes, adoption seems to be increasing, but the large sites at least still seem to try to have their cake and eat it too by being OpenID providers but not consumers. I suppose it makes sense from a short-sighted business perspective (what your typical MBA would care about), but it's trading a long-term gain for a short-term advantage - and one that isn't actually an advantage, even, since if everyone were an OpenID provider only, the whole thing wouldn't work out at all and there'd be no benefit at all to speak of, for anyone. In fact, with the expenses (time, money etc.) involved, it'd be a net *loss* for everyone.

(Perhaps Kant's categorical imperative should be taught in business school, too: if a business decision would cause things to break down if everyone implemented it, then YOU shouldn't implement it, either. The application of this to the OpenID provider/consumer scenario is obvious.)

Mmm, and it was nice, yes. :) I never actually *used* it myself, but I did benefit from it insofar as that I read some material that was initially posted through it and that may not have become available otherwise.

I had a project at work that would have been nicely fit to an OpenID application, since I needed to have some way to allow authorization of some users and I really didn't want to work up my own login scheme. Unfortunately I couldn't find any explanation of how to accept OpenID logins which made any sense --- that is, starting from a person who's at most used it a few times to log in as a Livejournal person on Blogspot, how do you (a) set links to OpenID, (b) get information from OpenID about who it is, and (c) act on that information in (d) ASP because that's what the entire rest of the project demands --- so after a few weeks of reading documents that all seemed to refer back to the brochures about how neat and keen it was I gave up.

It's too late for this project, alas, but if there is a nice clear tutorial about how to get identity notions from OpenID I'd love to read it. The next project will almost certainly need the same kind of routine and I'd really rather have all this be someone else's problem.

Ah, that's something I unfortunately don't know much about, either.
Actually, if I want to save an image from the "enlarge" popup window in eBay, for Firefox just right-click the image, select "View Page Info", select the "Media" tab, and use the "Save As" button right above its image preview. No screenshots needed.

(Also, it seems to let you normally right-click and save images in the "enlarge" popup /if/ they're not ones hosted by eBay, such as the one for this auction.)
Mm, third-party stuff remains fine - it's just eBay's "making things easier" that's irksome, but that's part of their Mission Statement.

Hm! True, that's another route. Though a bit indirect, of course, given I prefer keeping with OmniWeb, all things being equal, so all the bookmarks remain in one place. I often have multiple browsers alive, all the same, given the way Twitter occasionally gets it into its head to block OmniWeb from updating anything, yet Safari remains unaffected. And only Firefox remains rendering the Motif Backgammon Java applet as originally intended, which puzzles me, given it's surely the same VM, system-wide. Also use it for web video downloading - DownloadHelper's quite a superb utility, even if it doesn't know how to handle every source (and how could it?), notably including (or excluding?) C-SPAN, which surprised me a bit, and 4OD, which didn't, given they actively fought off get_iplayer from working with it, at some points apparently serving up the same episode of Countdown if they sensed get_iplayer was being used to request a show. =:D
(Deleted comment)
Mmm, good point with the empty space around a drive.. I'll see if I've still got the original boxes for any of the externals that've been sprouting up here in the past year. (First was the one now serving as Ocelot's Big Box O' LAN Storage, then the fast one for the music apps and libraries, and recently another for overflow - which is now full, leaving Ocelot's drive with about 400GB free) I suppose this would be another nice point about SSDs.. ^_^ Ah well - they're gradually creeping downwards into feasibility, though certainly, still quite a bit more per GB than the common or garden HDD. But with the sheer throughput of devices like the OCZ Vertex, capable of delivering around 200MB/s (stripe them for additional speed! =:), the pressure's clearly on Seagate et al to pull out some hidden lapinity.

That's probably the cause of it - the installation was automagic. I just pointed Parallels at the XP ISO I had kicking around, gave it the company's volume license number, and a minute or two later, up popped XP. Seems to work quite well, though the coworker's found VMware Fusion's handling of funky USB devices like copy-protection dongles to be superior, and switched over to that. Maybe I'll try out something like FLStudio on it - I'd imagine it'd be fine, given it won't be demanding DX10 (AFAIK, both Fusion and Parallels only offer DX9). Sorta curious to see how that compares to other well-known music arrangement apps, like Logic and Reason. (Not sure which of them came first =:)
34750 unread emails!
Regarding sending hard drives through the post, I don't think you'll have a problem. A radio station had a contest here recently that if you send them an egg, and it arrives unbroken, you get a free breakfast. 95% of them showed up unbroken.
Another thing that I forgot to mention before - know what your HDD-in-the-mail question reminds me of?

The bandwidth of a station wagon full of backup tapes. :-P

Even if you assume that each tape is only 2GiB (they tend to be bigger), that you can fit 500 in one trip (you can fit more than that easily), and that the trip takes an entire day, even then that's still 1TiB/day (42.66GiB/hr, 728.177MiB/min, 12.14MiB/sec) transfer rate, which still blows Verizon's puny 50Mbps FiOS out of the water. (Noting the lower-case b in 50Mbps! Upper-case means Bytes, lower-case means bits!)

Of course, your ping rate suffers a bit, but that's to be expected. :-P

Emerald = Best SL viewer
I still remember my account number! an124236@anon.penet.fi