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The first gameplay trailer for Plushed just came out - it's looking like an easy choice, when it debuts in September or October. ^_^

Here's someone who, in the process of trying to recreate the classic Lunar Lander in under 5K, using Flash, and found he'd only taken up 3K - and so, extended it into 3D to fill the space available. =:) Both versions are online to enjoy: original 2D and wireframe 3D. The former is completely faithful to the original, too. ^_^

Looking around for more information regarding using jailbroken iPhones on AT&T, I came across this handy site. (And I thought O2's roaming data charge was silly at £6/MB? Seems AT&T want $20/MB! Oh, to be able to buy up a decent cellco in several countries, and create a genuinely global set of plans)

True, there are easier ways of making music, but if you could make a synth using lots of conductive foam pads, 15 bikini-clad girls, and plenty of conductive ink, I'd say it would be an experiment worth conducting.

As dictated by local law, the Perseids peaked, and lo, the sky was solid grey. Surely all it would've taken is a few megawatts of laser energy pointed upwards?

Hm. So. Despite enjoying many fine tiramisu and cannoli at Victoria's, and quite a few good pints at the Magnolia Cafe and the GBBF, I've apparently lost a little weight. Still far above my ideal, but 100kg down from 105kg at the start of July or thereabouts is moving in the right direction. ^_^ (Could be expensive, though, if I eventually have to go and buy the Cressi Glaros and Orca S2 in smaller sizes.. =:)

Wandering along on my walk yesterday, I spotted one guy (who, sadly, can't seem to open his eyes much; enough to see, though, as he's perfectly able to select what he wants to eat, and gets around as easily as any of the others) right by the fence. Here, he's relaxing a bit, after some energetic munching. When you need to pull the zoom back a little, you know you've got a close shot.. ^_^ Be sure to check out the high-res version!

Mmm, a snoozy-snack! :P
Any fox attempting something so diabolical on my watch would be sent packing post haste. ^_^ (Although the buns here seem much too fast for such creatures; the transition from relaxation to full speed ahead is fantastically rapid =:)
Don't worry - he'd wait until your back was turned, I'm sure :)

And while the bunbuns are nippy, I expect they're quite vulnerable to the ancient tried-and-tested pretend-I-am-crazy-then-snap-one-up tail-chasing trick.

Curiosity got the better of the bunny many a time!
I am sorry to report that this guy might be suffering from myxymatosis. It often results in the swelling around the eye. I do hope I am wrong. It's a horrid infection.
Eep! It's possible, although I've certainly seen him around for a matter of some months - I'd have expected something as nasty as that, if it took hold, would spell his end quite quickly.

I so wish I could do something to help, but short of being able to distribute a vaccine on a hopeful diagnosis, in some edible form, I could quite see just the act of trying to capture and sedate the guy might be too much. Perhaps I'll try enquiring with a friendly vet/wildlife rehab staffer, and at least find out what the problem might be - who knows? Perhaps there is something I could do.
I am hoping I am wrong. Now that I am looking more closely his eyes do not seem as swollen as I first thought. Some rabbits now have immunity to it as well.
I am hoping I am wrong. Now that I am looking more closely his eyes do not seem as swollen as I first though. Some rabbits now have immunity to it as well.
Hard to tell, but it could be myxomatosis. There isn't the classic puffy, pink-eyed look, but it's a disease with quite variable symptoms. If you've seen him around in this condition for several months, though, then it's almost certainly something else, as average survival time (in an unresistant rabbit) is only about a fortnight.

If it is myxomatosis, and if the rabbit is unresistant, then there's sadly very little hope: it's almost always fatal. I wonder whether it could be a rabbit with a degree of resistance only, that's therefore contracted the disease but in a milder form? Speculation, that.
"Still far above my ideal, but 100kg down from 105kg at the start of July"

Eep! 5kg is a VERY unhealthy weight. May I suggest some lard sandwiches for lunch followed by a steak smoothie? And have as much tiramisu as your teeth can stand.

but 100kg down from 105kg at the start of July or thereabouts

100 kg down from 105 - so your current weight is 5 kg, then? ^_~

No, just being silly. Congrats on the loss! (And yay, tiramisu!)

I'd be halfway to being suitable for the catwalk. =:)

Thanks! It was a bit of a surprise, really, given I wasn't exactly trying to keep to any diet during my time alive (as opposed to the usual routine *sigh*) - main thing now is going to be getting the snacking under control. Just so easy to go nibbling on little snacks during the evening, especially when the kitchen's so well stocked. >chuckle< Maybe it's a rabbit thing. ^_^;

Really is a great little bakery.. as you'd imagine, it's all by them, on the premises, and everything's quite delicious. Wish I could've loaded the bags up with their wonderful pecan pies.. ^_^ Very good examples of their kind, and pecan pie's just not something easily found in the UK. Still, just another incentive to get back sooner rather than later, and preferably to stay. ^_^
Just barely halfway suitable, yes. ;)

Heh, yeah, snacking can have a detrimental effect, weight-wise, and it IS pretty easy to eat a lot that way without realizing; the key, I guess, is not so much to keep yourself from enjoying a quick snack as much as moving away from high-sugar, high-fat snacks and towards "healthier" stuff. Cutting down on the amount itself may also work, but I'd advise against trying to get rid of it completely - you'll feel better if you don't, and it'll be easier to stick with your changes that way, too. :)

Pecan pies sound quite lovely, too. :)