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patch_bunny noted an article about bee sting remedies, wherein our intrepid reporter is deliberately stung multiple times, all in the name of researching a variety of home-made and commercial remedies - some of which worked very well, some not at all. (The winners? Toothpaste, and ice)

I thought I'd try a quick encoding test, to see how Hyzenthlay and Dandelion compare - with a CPU difference of a single core 1.67GHz MPC7447A ("G4", 512K L2, 2GB 333MHz PC2-4200 DDR) and a dual core 2.8GHz Core2 Duo (3MB L2 per core, 4GB 1066MHz PC3-8500 DDR3 - and if you want to see something scary, check out the price of 4GB modules! Don't think I'm going to max it out to 8GB this year =:), I was thinking there'd be a factor of around 3 involved. So, I took the 1m55s trailer for Cats Don't Dance on the R1 DVD, and ran it through HandBrake 0.9.3, at 1000kbps average, using the High Profile Animation preset, for an H.264/AAC MKV output. Short enough an input file as to make the test bearably brief, long enough to be useful. Hyzenthlay took 39m; Dandelion took 4m05s. (And that's without any GPU assistance - HB's purely a CPU-bound app)

Finally got around to officially activating my copy of Komplete 5 last night.. oh, I'd almost forgotten just how much fun Absynth can be. Such a nifty app, capable of such lush audio texturing so easily. Not sure I'm a huge fan of Native Instruments' update mechanism, though.. choosing to update the DVD set's apps didn't, as I'd hoped, simply download the updates and apply them quietly, but rather, downloaded a stack of separate updaters, each needing to be launched manually in turn. Some of which didn't require pointing to the existing version, whilst others did; some offered a choice of location, others didn't; some would automatically install all the components (AU, VST, RTAS) and standalone version, others needed prompting.. and after all that, B4 II dies on launching. =:P Might have to revert back to an unofficial copy for that one. =:D (Still, not a huge issue - I don't anticipate that being at the core of my noodlings, much as I like the classic Hammond sound)

On the cheaper end of things, Mujik is one of the weirder sequencers I've seen, and plenty of fun - and free, for its debut. ^_^ It's no BeatMaker, or even (probably - I've not yet picked it up, though it looks tempting) SunVox, but it's quirky. =:)

Click to see not one, but two binkies in under a minute! (Well, as near as older rabbits can =:)
Surely being multiply stung by bees is bee homicide :O
...Apicide? o.o
Wouldn't that be a PG Tips ad directed by Sam Peckinpah?
What's odd to me is that he mixed the baking soda and the vinegar.

The way I'd heard it is that you use either just vinegar, or just baking soda made into a paste with /water/, depending on whether it's a bee sting or a wasp/yellowjacket sting. Unfortunately, I can never remember which is for which, and apparently using the wrong one actually makes it /worse/ instead of better! (Ok, just looked it up, seems bee stings are acidic and need baking soda, wasp/yellowjacket stings are alkaline and need vinegar.)
'Bicarb - bee; vinegar - vasp' is the (slightly silly) way to remember this.
Very good point - I'm not quite sure why he'd effectively deliberately neutralise the ingredients. ^_^;

(And then there's the curiousity of how/why dock routinely grows near nettles, with the former being a very good antidote against the toxin in the latter. Taste rather good, too, boiled and treated like spinach. Probably not so good as a salad leaf =:)
The way they're all sitting munching away reminds me of the bit in Watership Down (the film) when El-ahrairah's people have grown so numerous they're eating everything in sight.
Hee! Indeed, it did seem to be an oddly popular gathering - judging by the visible reactions, perhaps the farmer's experimenting with caffeinated grass? (For smoothie joints, one presumes)
Now I'm thinking about a Rupert Bear story in which a magic potion gets into the water supply and makes everyone light as air!
Now that you have Komplete 5 working, see if you can make a song like I mentioned a couple weeks ago:
- something with a fairly constant beat that repeats once every 10 seconds approx (but not through the WHOLE song)
- sprinkle it with weird, melodic sound effects to keep the listener interested and awake
- definitely have a short pause in there so the listener can take a breath, or some kind of reprise
- add a little sampling from a scifi tv show (short, silly, and interesting)
- make it over 8 minutes long
- add some wind instruments like a flute, a sax, etc to give it a little flair

I just watched the WWDC 2009 keynote to see what's new about the remodeled 15" MacBookPros and discovered that this new one I got has an SD card slot! Yours has an ExpressCard slot apparently because audio people need it? Have you ever used an ExpressCard slot for anything?

I love watching bunnies jump like that, but why do they do these Flashdance movies? Do they hear something?