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Well, that was pretty cool going. ^_^ I'd had an abscess on my cheek, which had grown uncomfortable in the past few days, so I went along to hand over the forms to register with a local doctor and make an appointment. Which, when I noted what it was for, turned out to be a little over an hour later. ^_^

The doc couldn't handle the matter himself, this being just a small practice, and instead, spoke with an ENT guy at the local district hospital, securing me an appointment an hour hence. Hopped on the bus, off into the DGH, found the ENT clinic, and ten minutes later, much stinky fun involving lotions, needles, and knives. ^_^;

And now it's all taken care of. ^_^ Got a bit of gauze packed in to make sure it's all gone, which I'll need to remove on the morrow (or more likely, Saturday, given Friday will be time for the Great British Beer Festival), and a prescription of flucloxacillin for the next 5-7 days. And then I'll be beautiful again! =:)
(Deleted comment)
"For Blossoming Bunnies' Cheeks - Use Fludoxacillin"

Tempting to make up an Olde Time advert or two. =:)
Glad to hear that that's taken care of.
I really ought to've had it seen to before I returned to the Bay, but things were just so busy.. *sigh* Silly, as I'm sure that must've had some subconscious effects, even aside from my rather impaired self-image; on the other paw, being back probably mostly outweighed that. ^_^
The eep! Glad it`s under control.
Definitely. And in short order, too (confound this socialised medicine, which will be the ruination of the US =:) - I'll admit, I wasn't all that cozy with the idea of being cut under local anaesthetic, even if only a minor nick, but it worked out okay, even if the anaesthetic itself did sting for a moment (and again on reapplication).

It does reaffirm that whatever future directions my life may take, being a medical doctor is not amongst my aspirations. ^_^;
(Deleted comment)
No fear of that - but I might want to delay taking the antibiotics until after the GBBF. ^_^;

I just wish I'd had it done before getting back to the Bay - would've helped during those wonderful few nights with the bun. (I think both he and I are in agreement that a huge bottle of that lube would be much fun to just spread all over and snuggle away =:)

Abscesses can be especially nasty things.

Good to hear it's fixed up in time for the beer festival tho'.
Glad to hear you got it taken care of. I got one on my back a few years back and let it go a bit too long. When it was finally taken care of, and after finding out I was allergic to the first antibiotics I was prescribed, it took about 2 months to fully heal up.

obMoral: Don't let these things go. People used to, and still do if left untreated, die from these.
all that talk and no photos. ;)
Well, when I took care of a similar thing myself in 2005, I do recall the contents being surprisingly colorful.. yellow, red, green, and blue. =:)
Sounds like you better use Fuji Film to capture all those amazing colors. :)
Now that'd be a novel sponsorship idea. =:D

BTW, I'm also on Twitter - nothing very exciting, but I toss in the occasional happening. ^_^ The real stuff happens here, but dynamic linking is good socially or programatically. =:)
Having had two of those things dealt with in my time, both of them by the doctor in whichever clinic I walked into, I get the impression doctors rather like the all-too-rare chance to wield a scalpel.