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Business sign seen a bit north of San Carlos, on my way down to Sunnyvale: "Oxygen with Attitude" O.o;

If you like the "All is Full of Love" look of the Svedka android, they've put together a Bot Builder - supply the Flash app with a photo, then add any accoutrements you feel appropriate, to see how you'd look as one. ^_^

A couple shorts I particularly enjoyed on the flight in: Yello Sticky Notes, and duelling air guitarists in a quiet suburban street, in the trailer for Air Knob. The former recaps the creator's journey into animation, blending personal insights (and procrastination), politics, and professional development (and lack thereof) into 2,300 sticky notes, showing six years of his life in six minutes, in wry style.

More first impressions of the new MBP: I'm happy with the glossy display. True, there are reflections, but they're easily ignored - and the tradeoff is that it's all still perfectly bright and clear even in strong sunlight. Battery life looks good so far - with the more power-hungry 9600M enabled, I'm currently showing 78% battery left, estimated 4h24 left. Haven't switched around GPUs much yet, but it does seem the 9400M saves a noticeable amount of power, whilst still delivering quite a decent SL framerate. With the 9600, though.. wow. Most sims are so smooth now! And I can play with shadows as well, though those do come with quite a framerate hit - but they do distinctly enhance the sim's realism. (Not sure if it's changed, but the shadow code used to require an Nvidia 8k series or newer)

Ah, United.. got to love looking at a departures display and seeing a flight scheduled for 2250 as "on time", when no boarding's even begun at 2253. =:) The boarding disagreement was sort of amusing, with one agent calling out "rows 20 and higher", to be contradicted by another, requesting 30 and up; then 20 and higher, countered by 25+. I'll board at some point. ^_^

(And promptly missed the apparently magnificent lighting storms around part of the flight, thanks to everyone having their blinds down on a night flight. Wah!)

An interesting little rebuttal of an Archbishop's recent claim along the lines of "internet-based friendships aren't real". I shan't add much to that line of tripe, other than noting how I've met almost all of my persistent friends on the net, and indeed, fell in love via Usenet and email.

View from the pub's terrace last night.. I'd trade it for the Bay in an instant, but this isn't so bad.

What, you've never had that happen? =:)

And these people deliberately chose those window seats, too! Ah well. Bit ironic, really - my default assignment had been the middle of the left row, seat B, but I thought I'd prefer having just one neighbor, rather than being a sandwich filling. As it turned out, it was a couple next to me - so if I'd kept B, I might have been able to swap over to the window. (Air Canada permits online checkin from 24 hours before the final flight segment, which was while I was asleep, so I could only take care of that once I woke up on Sunday)

I ought to ensure I pick up a replacement pair of noise cancelling/isolating headphones for the next flight, though - bit of a nuisance, having to turn the volume up to properly listen to the movies. Even with no audio fed in, the old cancellers kept the background rushing sound down quite a bit.. most pleasant. ^_^ (They still work, but the wires have lost their flexibility, and all but frayed through where they enter the 'phones) I suppose the ideal would be Bluetooth noise cancelling with iPhone support (the magic button for pausing and suchlike).. wonder if such exist? Not exactly a niche market, after all, though perhaps that combination's a bit less common. Still, they'd do until we get direct neural interfacing sorted out. =:)
I would imagine most bluetooth headphones come with an 'attention' button and I get the feeling it's part of the spec. My current earpiece (Jabra BT530) is an A2DP (is that it? Stereo Bluetooth anyway) device and the phone responds to the button for call response etc. I would guess that the iPhone just responds to the button press in a similar manner?
Hm! Good point. Maybe I'll ask on the PowerList, and see if anyone's had first-paw experience with such. Any idea what the actual fidelity of A2DP can be? Not that I'd really be seeking audiophile quality anyway, given they'd be used while I'm walking by the main road (making listening to spoken podcasts fairly impractical - damn, but cars are noisy things, and stinky too) or on noisier forms of transport.