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Got to love a gig where everyone's wielding cameras, and nobody minds. =:D [Edit] His take on the evening? "Kick A** iPhone dev show Yahoo campus. Geeks are my peeps=WIN. I ate about 200 bugs=FAIL lol. Me+Server=WIN http://twitpic.com/ccn1u"
(Deleted comment)
Indeed, no trick of the light. =:D Should be most illuminating to hear him talk about Sonifi later in the weekend, too - but just that performance merited attending the DevCamp by itself. =:D How often do you get a chance to enjoy music by someone of his caliber, stand by the speakers (I should be able to hear properly fairly soon again =:), and record entire tracks with nobody minding in the slightest? Very, very cool. ^_^

Yay! I hope you'll enjoy them. ^_^ The Rwandan Golden Cup is a particularly uncommon one - I'd recommend not using milk with that, as it has an unusually subtle nature to it.

Ooh, yes! cryptodragon mentioned the event the other day, when I wound up going to dinner with krinndnz and him.. had some amusing tales to tell of the goings on, like that Nightline journo who tried to deny she was a journalist. >chuckle< Cue full professional details appearing on the video wall..