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I need to print copies of this out and leave them in local schools. (Zoom in - it's split into three larger portions)

Dinner was another family affair, I'm pleased to say. I like cooking for myself, but it's so much more satisfying to have others enjoying my work as well. In this case, just a pile o' rice from the other day, and some sauteed onion slices, seasoned with a dash of curry powder (much lighter flavor than most I've tried), some fish sauce, sichuan pepper, asafoetida, garlic powder, pepper, and kalonji. To make it more of a meal, a some mixed chopped vegetables (peas, carrots, green beans), and a can of ham, cut into thin strips. Really not too bad. And even the baby (no, not mine!) ate it. ^_^

By way of rubberskunk, Maerchentic Entity, part 6. It's a furry story, of a sensual nature (but not the dreaded "bump and grind" variety. Odd phrase, ne?), and somehow uplifting, despite its tragic nature. It's a particularly well-written piece of work, and one I can recommend.

Do you want your computer to have a real mouse? ThinkGeek is selling a .. um.. special case with that in mind.
Ooh. I've never seen much of Look Around You, but I'm led to believe the DVD is a goldmine for fans of TV Presentation, with little bits like recreated clocks, testcards and Pages from Ceefax buried in the extras. If ever there was a good reason to buy a DVD, that is it! =:)
Ack! What have I been missing? Is it safe to admit I'd never even heard of Look Around You until that URL came into my life? Ah, sweet periodicity, at last I've found thee.

Actually, that'd make a superb exclamation, wouldn't it? "Sweet Periodicity!", in the same style as Moe the Bartender "Sweet Mary Mother of God!" I've got to see if someone can slip that into conversation at the next LondonFurs meet.

That reminds me - there's got to be somewhere on the web with good quality versions of the passenger safety cards from Fight Club. Next time I'm on a flight, I really ought to leave a couple copies of that, suitably laminated.
(United's are that conventional style, but ISTR Virgin's were more toony. Good way to fly, though usually not the cheapest option - but, if you're going to be stuck in a seat for eleven hours, having a choice of eight concurrent films is better than one, all the more so if they're worth watching. Last time, that included South Park: BLU, and Gods and Monsters)

And that's how I was awarded the Iron Cross.
The Look Around You periodic table never fails to make me laugh. Look Around You, for that matter, never fails to make me laugh. *Brainial stimulation*

Your dinner sounds like it was mighty tasty. I, also, have considered myself a somewhat reasonable cook. Whereas I don't really like the time it takes to prepare and cook good food, I do, however, specialize in choosing ingredients, and -especially- condiments, seasonings, spices, & sauces.

"Maerchentic Entity, part 6"
I shall have to start from the beginning.

"...to have a real mouse?"
*Wakes up; sniffs* "Do you smell anything, darling?" "I'm making coffee." "No, it's not coffee." "Well, I did fry some bacon." "No...No, it's not bacon." "Well, I did burn toast, and singe a few hairs lighting to stove..." "...That must be it." "By the way, you did remember to take the hamster out of the computer after you finished playing Half-Life 2 last night, didn't you?"

*hugs* ^_^
Look Around You, for that matter, never fails to make me laugh.

Aaah! Now I'm going to have to find out what Look Around You actually is. I'm not normally quite this oblivious to the world.

Damn, there goes the needle on my irony meter.

FWIW, "funny" to me also includes anything Chris Morris is involved with, Futurama, and Have I Got News For You, which mercifully just began a new series last Friday, in cracking form. I've got to clear off Bunny's 8GB partition and capture future shows, for sending off to those not blessed by the breath of the Beeb. Which, for some reason, smells like cat food.

The story did mention that it does involve characters and settings from earlier parts, but that it wasn't necessary to have read those, so I simply leapt straight in. It'll be interesting to see how, in retrospect, that would have colored my perception of the developing situation. And if they're all of similar quality, frankly, I don't care if the plot amounted to a discussion of the rate of growth of South American grasses. I wonder if pampas is suitable for tickling someone with?

So maybe the deluxe case comes with cooling tubing wrapped around the habitrail, serving two purposes in one go. Wow. Imagine a human scale version of that! That could be part of GeekLand, the geekiest place on Earth, where successfully forging a compatible smartcard for entry would be encouraged, not forbidden. There could be Whack-a-Gates for the kiddies, and Explosives Land, and a recreation of those experiments on Peeps, and a comparison of various powers of laser, from CD pickups through to carbon dioxide and beyond..

Wonder how popular the android transformation exhibit would be? We'd need a few good mad scientists, though, and they're so hard to find these days. Did Dr Moreau leave any heirs?
"Which, for some reason, smells like cat food."
I've always had a sensation of a sort of unpleasant, smoky plastic. Not unlike myself. *Overdone smile* "Comes free with any purchase of two over-sized t-shirts; offer not valid in Malta."

"I wonder if pampas is suitable for tickling someone with?"
My leg is twitching, merely imagining the prospect...Or is it that bullet from Korea acting up again?

"Wow. Imagine a human scale version of that!"
I can. It was called 2001: A Space Odyssey. :D
Which is, of course, one of the greatest movies ever made.
Everything you mentioned about GeekLand was actually in the film, before Stanley cut it.

"Did Dr Moreau leave any heirs?"
Yes. The Autons.
Maerchentic Entity, part 6
Mmm, that was good. Didn't exactly find it uplifting, really, but there was a beauty in the story... I'd say it was in the death, but some might complain that death really can't be beautiful.

::peers at the periodic table::
...hehehehe... must post that in school.

A-ha! Je le savais! I knew it!
France IS one of the elements!!

Le squeak, le squeak.

FWIW, I believe it's one of those which is different in the original tongue, as with Na = natrium (sodium); I understand it's known as Fromage locally.

Mm, cheese. I could just go for some really nicely aged emmental or gruyère. Or simply some rich brie, a fresh real baguette, and a decent red wine. (Normally, I'm more one for such as shiraz, but brie would probably get overwhelmed by that - perhaps a good blend, like Rosemount's GSM)

I'm sure there's a dish involving cheese and rice waiting to be made.. there's both in the freezer and fridge. Maybe bacon is the key.