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Of Mice and Mice

I need to print copies of this out and leave them in local schools. (Zoom in - it's split into three larger portions)

Dinner was another family affair, I'm pleased to say. I like cooking for myself, but it's so much more satisfying to have others enjoying my work as well. In this case, just a pile o' rice from the other day, and some sauteed onion slices, seasoned with a dash of curry powder (much lighter flavor than most I've tried), some fish sauce, sichuan pepper, asafoetida, garlic powder, pepper, and kalonji. To make it more of a meal, a some mixed chopped vegetables (peas, carrots, green beans), and a can of ham, cut into thin strips. Really not too bad. And even the baby (no, not mine!) ate it. ^_^

By way of rubberskunk, Maerchentic Entity, part 6. It's a furry story, of a sensual nature (but not the dreaded "bump and grind" variety. Odd phrase, ne?), and somehow uplifting, despite its tragic nature. It's a particularly well-written piece of work, and one I can recommend.

Do you want your computer to have a real mouse? ThinkGeek is selling a .. um.. special case with that in mind.
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