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A piece by Kiki-UMA, which I considered beautiful: "After having met Akane, I came to feel the color from music."

So, I weakened on Sunday night, and finally took advantage of Native Instruments' sale on Komplete 5.. still not exactly free with the cornflakes, but attainable. Of course, it wasn't quite as simple as it might've been - accustomed to digital distribution, I wasn't used to the concept of places being "out of stock". But, Pro Audio Solutions came through - with one box left. For reasons unknown, given time was pressing, I couldn't get the site to accept my cards, but roohbear was able to oblige at short notice. (And lo, they indeed now declare it to be unavailable) It's a superb bundle, with Absynth, FM8, Battery, Kontakt, Massive, Pro-53, B-4, Akoustik Piano, Guitar Rig, and more. I've had several of them as - ah - extended evaluation editions for a while; this was an unmissable opportunity to gain full licenses at an affordable (more or less =:) price.

Tuesday afternoon saw a most enlightening round of conversation with krinndnz, who was, gratifyingly, able to make it into the City at that time, later to be joined by cryptodragon, whom we intercepted around Stockton & California. Whilst we'd had various nebulous notions of dinner, a lack of anything immediate presenting itself led to me nudging things towards Jupiter's pizzas, in yonder Berkeley, which I believe was, after dinner, considered to be an idea of some merit. ^_^

Going along on Friday-Sunday to the iPhone DevCamp on yonder Yahoo campus, with Friday evening seeing a special bonus of a performance by BT. (Many thanks to rabitguy for pointing the shindig out to me!)

A film some may wish to note: The Beaver, directed by Jodie Foster, due in 2011: "A guy walks around with a puppet of a beaver on his hand and treats it like a living creature."

And then there's James Cameron's forthcoming Avatar, coming in December 2009 - on Aug 21, "Avatar Day", 15 mins of the feature will be released globally as a mammoth teaser. ^_^ You can read a description of the footage shown at SDCC here. "The next scene has Jake in a lab with Dr. Grace Augustine (Sigourney Weaver). He's about to go into the Avatar machine, which looks sort of like an MRI. There's playful ribbing back and forth between Grace and Jake; he makes fun of her being a doctor and not being able to save his ability to walk. and she makes fun of him being soldier. Jake goes into the device and there's a "Sliders"-like tunnel effect of a synaptic nerve. When he wakes up, he's still in a lab, but he's in the Na'vi body. The Na'vi itself is sort of like a mix between a human, a horse and a cat but blue with zebra-like stripes. They're tall -- about 10 feet and Jake tries to stand, despite the doctors trying to stop him, so excited to be able to walk. They shout at him to lay down, but he's up and literally breaks out of the room, running down the hall and knocking things over with his tail."

If your design aesthetics include traditional Japanese artwork, you might well want to consider these furry examples by sheppardzo_14. Excellent.

And finally, on Tuesday morning (after I'd hurriedly rewired my host's doorbell so it would work, which I feel is a desirable attribute when expecting a courier - although, in fairness, having heard the tone it breaches forth, I quite understand why it would've been disabled).. Hyzenthlay's successor arrived. ^_^ I'm not quite certain yet, but I'm feeling this may be Dandelion:

What can I say? It's a powerhouse, with a 2.8GHz Core 2 Duo, dual GPUs (9400M and 9600M with 512MB), 4GB of memory (expandable to 8GB), FW800, 3xUSB2, and a gorgeous 1920x1200 display that shows off 1080p trailers beautifully. More than that, it's a work of art. So easy on the eyes, so uncluttered, with the underlit keyboard remaining, its area gently recessed, and the trackpad's button removed, with the entire trackpad now acting as left and right buttons, depending on where it's pressed down. Truly, a computer should be able to make one happy before even using it, let alone being able to accomplish its tasks.

And now to zoom off down the peninsula to meet up with a couple other former Terrans! ^_^
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