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Greetings from sunny downtown Santa Rosa! (Well, you know how it is - parking was awful on Saturday night in North Beach)

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Arg! Well, it was entirely impromptu. My big mistake was in not working out how to ensure I had full iPhone connectivity somehow - that would've eased this all considerably. =:P

It's looking like a bit of a crazy week ahead, but I would like to meet up at some point. Are you able to get up to the City without too much difficulty?

And my number (for now) is 415-312-0487. ^_^ If I'm in the warren, I'll be able to reply to email rapidly, but when on the move, that nasty little Nokia is the better means. (I'm not a phone sort, by choice - very much a method of last resort =:)

Edited at 2009-07-28 07:54 am (UTC)