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Greetings from sunny downtown Santa Rosa! (Well, you know how it is - parking was awful on Saturday night in North Beach)

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Wah! I might have lost a message from you - the phone ran out of credit (now fixed), and wound up delivering me a message that it wouldn't deliver a message because of low funds. And with the nature of SMS, I suppose the sender, whomever it was, doesn't know it was never received.
aww, rats! well, tonight is booked but we can do Wednesday... would that work for you? there's Qool at 111 Minna (downtown, near Montgomery BART) and of course tons of lovely places to eat throughout the city.

nice icon BTW!
Let's try that! ^_^ I'll be down on the peninsula for lunch, meeting up again with a couple friends from a previous gig, which should leave me literally nicely positioned to just hop off around Market sometime by the evening. SMS will be the best means of contact then, though maybe that "voice" thing would work too. =:)