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Greetings from sunny downtown Santa Rosa! (Well, you know how it is - parking was awful on Saturday night in North Beach)

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It was a fun time. ^_^ I was up there with rabitguy, and he had the idea of trying to meet up with BuckHopper on FA - which magically came to be, resulting in a few hours of very good conversation and a couple rather good pints at the Third Street Alehouse.

The icon's from a particular piece by Fel - I just fell in love with the expression and those feeeeet. *wiggles feets*

No box yet, at least that I'm aware of. As I understand it, such packages tend to be magically conveyed to the door of the apartment - it's one of those typical SF apartments which used to be a dentistry office many decades back, now with a gate by the front door, which sometimes gets left ajar, so anything that doesn't fit into the usual mailbox goes somewhere safer. Or so I'm led to believe. ^_^;

Oh, yes! I'm here until next Sunday night. If you do somehow manage to make it up this way, weektime would be better, if that's possible, but if not, maybe I'll just lure you into the iPhone DevCamp next weekend, over on the Yahoo grounds. Lots of devtalk, plus a live performance by BT on Friday night. =:D
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Ooh.. I'll buy a high-res JPEG-2000 or similar. ^_^ (Although, to be honest, I think there's something about the sketch that makes that version even better - the colored, finished piece is still a delight, though! He really needs to draw more bunnies. *nods*)

Aw, pity - still, there'll be other opportunities. BTW, what address ought I use for the little box here, destined for you and the bun? I'll try to remember to get that off on the morrow, despite my notorious memory pertaining to the transportation of physical objects.

The DevCamp's agenda and suchlike is all detailed here - apparently spread out over three days, Fri-Sun, with a variety of developers speaking about the tech side, business matters, and just enjoying the wonderful variety of apps abounding on the platform. (If you've got a yen to noodle around musically, you could do much worse than picking up BeatMaker and noise.io - not cheap, at $20 and $9 respectively, but still dirt cheap for good music software, and they're both remarkably flexible and genuinely useful in musical creations)
(Deleted comment)
That's the guy. ^_^ It was fun, finding out common friends and contacts in the game industry - it's a small world, as they say, and furs are everywhere. =:D