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.. is (almost) on its way, probably from Elk Grove. ^_^

So, the pressing issue is: what to call it?

My systems' names have - prepare yourself for amazement - always been quite furry, beginning with red_panda and orca in 1994 (both NeXTstation Turbos, the former then host to FurToonia and Brazilian Dreams II), followed by Raccoon (PB5300c) in 1995, Bunny (Wallstreet) in 1998, Ocelot (rev.A TiBook) in 2001, Mouse (a hand-me-down original iBook courtesy of tgeller) in 2003, and Hyzenthlay (the current one, and still a wonderful system, a final revision PBG4, the last dance of PowerPC and Apple) in 2005.

(Was Hyzenthlay tgeller or loganberrybunny's idea? Not quite sure.. but it's been a particularly pleasant name)

I'd like something that suggests lapinity. Maybe something Watership Down-related again, but that's not a requirement - could be something original, from somewhere else, but lapine somehow. ^_^
I named Hyzenthlay. :)

My brain has started churning for a new name. For the old one, I was in the middle of rereading Watership Down, so that was easy. Unfortunately I'm now rereading The Jungle which, despite its name, is about as unfurry as you can get. And "Marija Berczynskas" lacks both Hyzenthlay's music and cuteness.