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At long last, I got to revisit one of my main sushi haunts.. and the chef immediately enthused over my return. ^_^;; My bento was indeed still waiting, and it wasn't long before it was performing a noble function once more.

It wasn't much longer before the fish appeared. ^_^

Also finally got to see The Fall, which primaeros may recall; Tarsem Singh's visual epic from 2006. It happened to be running for two days, and I happened to have a few passes, thanks to amelitatwinstar. As cinematographically lush as you could have ever hoped for. The storyline was merely an off-the-cuff piece of storytelling, which really didn't hurt things, though perhaps the pacing towards the end became somewhat fragmented.

And I really need to try arranging some more meetups! ^_^;
Yeah, there are bunnies around!

In fact, my first novel, Yashak, has a young bunny as a central character. In the story world I'm writing in, the species of bunny-people are called 'Ayeen'.

I'm working on a new story that also has ayeen characters in it.

The icon you're referring to was commissioned when I finished the novel, Yashak.