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Date: 2009-07-24 12:50 Security: public happy
At long last, I got to revisit one of my main sushi haunts.. and the chef immediately enthused over my return. ^_^;; My bento was indeed still waiting, and it wasn't long before it was performing a noble function once more.

It wasn't much longer before the fish appeared. ^_^

Also finally got to see The Fall, which primaeros may recall; Tarsem Singh's visual epic from 2006. It happened to be running for two days, and I happened to have a few passes, thanks to amelitatwinstar. As cinematographically lush as you could have ever hoped for. The storyline was merely an off-the-cuff piece of storytelling, which really didn't hurt things, though perhaps the pacing towards the end became somewhat fragmented.

And I really need to try arranging some more meetups! ^_^;
It resulted in a contentedly stuffed bunny. ^_^ The Crazy Horse remains one of my favorites - yellowtail, white tuna, and salmon do work together rather well. I'll go for tempura rolls of all sorts as well, but I admit I lean towards the raw fish, just for that exquisite preservation of all the fishes' own flavors - when I first had sushi, down in Dana Point, it was a revelatory experience.. up to that point, my only encounters with tuna had been the usual tinned stuff. Perfectly edible, and an erstwhile pasta companion, but so very different to raw!

And I feel we ought to meet up sometime. ^_^ How easy a voyage is the City for you? Or, indeed, anywhere else in the Bay - I'm fully BART Plussed, so I can roam freely almost anywhere, save for AC Transit's territory, as they went sulking a few years back.