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At long last, I got to revisit one of my main sushi haunts.. and the chef immediately enthused over my return. ^_^;; My bento was indeed still waiting, and it wasn't long before it was performing a noble function once more.

It wasn't much longer before the fish appeared. ^_^

Also finally got to see The Fall, which primaeros may recall; Tarsem Singh's visual epic from 2006. It happened to be running for two days, and I happened to have a few passes, thanks to amelitatwinstar. As cinematographically lush as you could have ever hoped for. The storyline was merely an off-the-cuff piece of storytelling, which really didn't hurt things, though perhaps the pacing towards the end became somewhat fragmented.

And I really need to try arranging some more meetups! ^_^;
Ooof.. tricky. Probably not, but it's still somewhere one can reliably find a good assortment of well-prepared rolls, and occasional surprises.

Any idea if Sawa's still around, and good? (And if I can try sake of that complexity again.. !)
Sawa is still around and still making amazing sushi and still has the best Sake collection outside Japan(IMO, not fully quantified that one).

I actually have been to him in a few years because I moved away from the area, but now that I've been back I keep putting off seeing him due to finances.
BTW, did you eventually morph into a bunny at some point? I recall that icon being made, and wondering.. ^_^

Hmm! Well, true, it probably would be a bit of a hit on the finances, but I suppose if I don't buy Logic Studio and Aperture after all.. ^_^ (Apple used to offer staff 50% off on Apple software, but that's apparently fallen to the same 15% as for hardware, so I've shelved that. The Komplete 5 bundle's still very tempting, as is a Cintiq, but whether I'll actually go through with either or both..)

Oh, to enjoy that quality of sake again! Unlike anything I've had before or since.

Whereabouts are you now - up on the peninsula? What days/times would be good or bad to hook up?
Yeah, there are bunnies around!

In fact, my first novel, Yashak, has a young bunny as a central character. In the story world I'm writing in, the species of bunny-people are called 'Ayeen'.

I'm working on a new story that also has ayeen characters in it.

The icon you're referring to was commissioned when I finished the novel, Yashak.
Oh, and I'm staying mid-peninsula, in the hills, weekends are generally good and next week is pretty much open.