August 12th, 2017

Eddie and Musky

Cocoa nib stout

Following on from my little sneak peek at Egypt Urnash's contribution to the forthcoming We're Still Here comic anthology, I noticed she's now giving away the PDF edition of Decrypting Rita, a sci-fi work you really might want to check out. If you like what you see, consider throwing money at her. ^_^

Oooh.. Intua's BeatMaker 2 recently saw its successor debut. Enter BeatMaker 3! "BM3 is now probably the closest thing to an Ableton Live style workflow clip/scene launching that you are likely to find on iOS. The interface has some of the Akai MPC workflow that appeals to Beat Makers but this is a fully featured DAW rather than just being a beat making machine." And here's a video review. And all for twenty measly dollarpounds!

Hee! On a random whim, I thought I'd check the credits for The 11th Hour, and lo, I am indeed there. ^_^ I may have to finally get an IMDb account and update The 11th Hour's credits there appropriately..

Yaaay! MasterChef returns next Wednesday! ^_^ It's not the "main" show, with that having concluded earlier in the year, but the celebrity outing - which obviously isn't the same thing, but can still yield plenty of the same fun, and quite a surprising degree of talent, once the initial culling's taken place. Two episodes next week, Wed & Fri, with Friday's winners getting through to the semi-finals.

The trailer for A Wrinkle in Time, from the book by Madeleine L'Engle, looks amazing. The only bit I really didn't like was seeing a release date in Spring 2018. ^_^; And coming just before it, in March 2018, Black Panther. I'm not generally much on Marvel flicks, but this could be pretty good fun. ^_^

In this longform piece on Zoe Quinn, central to the seething wretchedness of Gamergate, I noticed one fun tidbit: her latest project is a FMV title about the camp sci-fi writer Chuck Tingle. =:D

I adore this review of the "food" Soylent. =:D

MLP fen might get a kick out of this shower curtain. =:)

Here's a fascinating, novel method of neutrino detection, first postulated in 1974, and now seemingly verified.

As regards Mueller's impaneling of a grand jury, this thread from Seth Abramson does an excellent job of explaining just what's happened, and the specific significances.

If you're in need of some serious video editing software, there's Blackmagic's DaVinci Resolve, available in a free edition, and available for macOS, Linux, and Windows. It doesn't support the full version's collaborative features, for working as part of a team; is limited to UHD and below (but I'll live); and only supports one rendering GPU on Windows and Linux, and two on the current Mac Pro.

Or, Avid's come out with a free version of their professional Media Composer video editing package, Media Composer First, and it's a remarkably good offering! It's somewhat restricted, as you'd expect, but intelligently, in such a way that anyone simply wanting to get to grips with a pro editor can do so meaningfully. Most importantly, you can't export projects above HD resolution, so no 4K final output. It's available for macOS and Windows.

I'm quite interested by recent suggestions the next Apple Watch might come with LTE connectivity - not being a phone sort, I'd love to be able to jettison the iPhone, leaving the mobile heavy lifting to the iPad. Still, we'll see what comes about - power consumption's always an issue, absent any novel battery chemistry. If that does come about, I wonder how much that might improve the Watch's sales? Am I unusual in not being enamored of phones and voice/video comms? (Not that there's anything wrong with being unusual =:)

I finally got to see the first of the new MST3K - and it's every bit as much fun as the original run. A touch different in certain entertaining ways, but I found the riffs coming just as hot as they've ever done, perhaps aided by the wondrous turkey of a debut outing as they'd found: 1962's Danish kaiju flick, Reptilicus, incorporating some quite memorable SFX work. =:)

Here's rather a cool project: 164 animators around the world reanimated the Steven Universe episode "The Answer". ^_^ And, a little Steven Universe fun: an episode title generator. Enter your "episode title", choose the positioning and background scene, and let it put it together for you. ^_^ Aaand, a real life Greg Universe van - nothing official, just dedicated fan work, here by one Cosplay Mutt. =:D

The origins of tacos al pastor makes for a delightfully engaging read; a good example of how food styles traverse the world, adapting to the locality, and sometimes, become embraced as latterday tradition.

Of course, I am duly obliged to make note of this xkcd comic. ^_^

More beer! More beer! The ninth and tenth batches are underway. ^_^ One's a stout, the other a barleywine; I have a fondness for heavier styles of beer, and haven't really made anything dark yet. Both began life as kits: the first "Velvet Stout", with the sugars provided by brewing sugar (dextrose, finely grained) and some dark Muscovado. To help lend it some extra character, I took about 140g of raw cocoa nibs I'd had sitting around, and simmered those away in water for half an hour, yielding a delicious smelling brew I then strained into the wort. And, just before putting the lid on once it was all done, I added about eight capfuls (in twenty liters) of Madagascan vanilla essence. Quite reserved quantities, I think, so they'll probably only be light notes on the basic flavor. We'll see. ^_^

The barleywine began as a Geordie "Winter Warmer" kit, but to send it more where I had in mind, I used demerera for most of the sugar, plus a 500g bag of medium malt powder. Sort of tempted to try making a little spice ball to add to it, perhaps with some nutmeg and cloves.. but, it's been a fairly busy week, so I haven't really had a good opportunity to pick up such, and they're not spices I actually tend to keep around, though I ought to, especially cloves, given how fantastically they work with red cabbage, boiled with vinegar and sugar. Either way, tasting them three days into fermentation suggests they'll both be rather lovely, though maybe not as widely separated in flavor profile as I'd hoped; I may settle for making a water brew of some chocolate powder I've had sitting around for a while (lovely stuff - I simply don't tend to drink hot chocolate often, though this particular variety does go rather delightfully with a healthy splash of Grand Marnier), and adding that, possibly along with a little coffee, but I'm not really wanting to send it in that direction.