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Amongst the reasons San Francisco is such a wonderful place..

A double mocha and a tiramisu from Victoria's - really not such a bad way to start a day. ^_^ (And their cannoli are fantastic.. but you really can't go wrong with anything they sell)
Mmm, most nights after 6:30-7 should be doable - it takes a while to caltrain(+bart?) up to San Francisco. Weekends are also good - although I was thinking of visiting the Gilroy Garlic Festival this saturday (tomorrow) to try garlic ice cream.

I'd be up for sushi though. Haven't had good sushi for a while. My last visit to a random Japantown restaurant was a failure... :(

The only day I really can't do is this sunday - we're planning on migrating servers then, so I'm going to be sitting at home, knocking on wood and hoping I don't screw up.