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Amongst the reasons San Francisco is such a wonderful place..

A double mocha and a tiramisu from Victoria's - really not such a bad way to start a day. ^_^ (And their cannoli are fantastic.. but you really can't go wrong with anything they sell)

Hey, if you're in San Fran, we should meet up!
Indeed! Wonder what the best means of coordinating something would be.. or could just try a particular time and place - there is (or was) a good little sushi place down on Valencia, with good quality and low prices, such that one could waddle away happily stuffed for $20 or so. ^_^

What sort of days/times are good for you?
Mmm, most nights after 6:30-7 should be doable - it takes a while to caltrain(+bart?) up to San Francisco. Weekends are also good - although I was thinking of visiting the Gilroy Garlic Festival this saturday (tomorrow) to try garlic ice cream.

I'd be up for sushi though. Haven't had good sushi for a while. My last visit to a random Japantown restaurant was a failure... :(

The only day I really can't do is this sunday - we're planning on migrating servers then, so I'm going to be sitting at home, knocking on wood and hoping I don't screw up.