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Amongst the reasons San Francisco is such a wonderful place..

A double mocha and a tiramisu from Victoria's - really not such a bad way to start a day. ^_^ (And their cannoli are fantastic.. but you really can't go wrong with anything they sell)
Ah yes I have been there. *grins* A very good memory! How long are you in SF?
Hee! Very good choice. ^_^ Ahh, it's such a joy simply looking at their offerings.. makes the decision all that more difficult, though. =:D

I'll be leaving late on Sunday, August 2nd. Unless I happen to *cough* miss the flight. =:) (Ah, if only.. though my host has put forward quite a practical suggestion for an iPhone project that might lead to a more permanent return late next year)
iPhone project? any hints? :)

iDevCamp by the way is on the 31st, $50 fee, and Brian Transeau will do a special performance.
Oooh! Now that could be quite a bit of fun, even moreso with BT! I'll check into that. Think you'll be going along?