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Amongst the reasons San Francisco is such a wonderful place..

A double mocha and a tiramisu from Victoria's - really not such a bad way to start a day. ^_^ (And their cannoli are fantastic.. but you really can't go wrong with anything they sell)
(Deleted comment)
Oooh.. I may just have to do that. ^_^ Whereabouts are you? Somewhere around Vallejo, wasn't it? (Which might present its own issues, given I don't drive, and neither does my host. ^_^; Mind, if I can lure the sweet and unsuspecting rabitguy up sometime.. =:)

A good tiramisu really is a joy, indeed. Pecan pie is something else that can be just sublime.. they do offer one, but I've yet to try Victoria's. Soon, though!
Ah yes I have been there. *grins* A very good memory! How long are you in SF?
Hee! Very good choice. ^_^ Ahh, it's such a joy simply looking at their offerings.. makes the decision all that more difficult, though. =:D

I'll be leaving late on Sunday, August 2nd. Unless I happen to *cough* miss the flight. =:) (Ah, if only.. though my host has put forward quite a practical suggestion for an iPhone project that might lead to a more permanent return late next year)
iPhone project? any hints? :)

iDevCamp by the way is on the 31st, $50 fee, and Brian Transeau will do a special performance.
Oooh! Now that could be quite a bit of fun, even moreso with BT! I'll check into that. Think you'll be going along?
(Deleted comment)
It's all as good as it looks.

Sure you can't come visit? ^_^
(Deleted comment)
Hmm! That might be possible.. I could check with the friend I'm staying with. ^_^
ok, so how long will you be in town and when are we going to get together?! hmm? ;-)
We must arrange something! I'd love to get together with you and jovino, maybe some other furs as well. What days/times are good or bad for you? Drop me a note at porsupah@ringtail.com, and let's see what we can work out. ^_^
Oh, want to be there, right now!
I got fat just looking at that picture.

Hey, if you're in San Fran, we should meet up!
Indeed! Wonder what the best means of coordinating something would be.. or could just try a particular time and place - there is (or was) a good little sushi place down on Valencia, with good quality and low prices, such that one could waddle away happily stuffed for $20 or so. ^_^

What sort of days/times are good for you?
Mmm, most nights after 6:30-7 should be doable - it takes a while to caltrain(+bart?) up to San Francisco. Weekends are also good - although I was thinking of visiting the Gilroy Garlic Festival this saturday (tomorrow) to try garlic ice cream.

I'd be up for sushi though. Haven't had good sushi for a while. My last visit to a random Japantown restaurant was a failure... :(

The only day I really can't do is this sunday - we're planning on migrating servers then, so I'm going to be sitting at home, knocking on wood and hoping I don't screw up.
MMMmmm *nom*nom*nom*