June 24th, 2015

Porsupah head on arms

The joys of molten Berthaud's Époisse

In a fascinating decision, the SCOTUS may have admitted how it'll be ruling on marriage equality soon - and it could be good news. ^_^ You can read a summary of the case in SCOTUSblog's article on the remaining cases in this term - scroll down or search for "Obergefell v. Hodges". Towleroad has an analysis of the situation. The actual decision may well come on Thursday or Friday, around 10am Eastern, as it would seem the court's term concludes on July 3, with only one other date current scheduled for opinions.

huskyteer brings good news for everybody: there will be a Dogtanian and the Three Muskehounds film!

Speaking of which, Saturday's lineup turned out to start with Shaun the Sheep, which I absolutely loved - basically all the cleverness you'd expect of Aardman, with plenty of little background jokes, some barely perceptible, and typically superb animation and comic timing. Much fun. ^_^ Then, Kingsman, which - I admit, didn't mesh with me. Skillful technically, but I could barely connect emotionally at any point. Finally, Robot Jox, which I'd never made much effort to see - I'd assigned it the tag of low budget fighty cheese, more or less, but no, it turned out to be quite a bit more intelligent, perhaps due to the screenwriter, who caught both of us by surprise: Joe Haldeman. Frankly, I'd take this over Pacific Rim any day! The latter had, of course, far superior effects tech, but Guillermo del Toro really didn't do himself justice there, with so vastly better a grasp on humanity in Pan's Labyrinth.

Here's a superb weblog to visit, if you're feeling at all tired of the endless, useless advertising surrounding us, especially on the web: The Ad Contrarian, by someone now retired from the very industry.

Does anyone have a recent (CC 14 or later) version of Photoshop they'd be willing to put to use on one photograph in particular? I'd like to see how well its "camera shake reduction" works on reducing the blur induced, when I overlooked the slightly slow shutter speed. It's not an especially good photograph, but one of personal significance, as it shows Dad on the last time I saw him, seemingly on the mend.

Via Egg Freckles, an Apple Newton anecdote: "Gaston Bastiens was the General Manager of Newton when I was there. He was not well liked, and he kept making crazy decisions. For instance, he decided it would be good idea to charge Newton developers a percentage of their profits (unheard of at the time, and lunacy for a struggling platform). And: When it was clear that the Newton wasn’t selling all that well, and unwanted Newts were stacking up in warehouses, Gaston had Apple buy parts to make another 80,000 units. I won’t even get started about the sea of T-shirts we were swimming in (there’s a big difference between “Buy $5000 more promotional shirts” and “Buy 5,000 more shirts”).

There were a lot of Newtons sitting in warehouses. Also, many Newton Fax modems. Many, many of them. God only knows how many he ordered. There could well have been more Newton Fax modems than there were Newtons to plug them into. One of our developer support folks (Bob E) found out that it was possible to order a palette of surplus Apple products delivered to your office. Hey, the stuff had no hope of being sold, so if someone had a use for it . . . Bob ordered a big palette of Fax modems, and when he shipped stuff off to developers (hardware, manuals, etc.) he would pour in some Fax modems as packing material."

And so, from the annals of history, MoDeminos, in which four thousand fax modems become dominos. =:D

For anyone into iOS or OS X development, Apple's made quite a few sessions available as downloadable videos, including the "Platforms State of the Union" - effectively the technical keynote, versus the main one.