March 14th, 2015

Naked Rabbit

Straight.. to Number One

Egad. The UK's entry for Eurovision 2015 was recently revealed - and it's actually fun! Here's Still in Love With You, a bona fide electroswing track. =:D (And if you'd like to hear about the genesis of the track, you can watch an interview with the lead duo following the video over on iPlayer)

Here's the trailer for Thunderbirds Are Go. ^_^ Looks vaguely similar in production principle to the continuation of Captain Scarlet, keeping the original theme and tone, but executed with CG rather than marionettes, making possible scenes that would've been impractical in RL. Should be fun! (And who knows? Maybe ITV will someday release said Captain Scarlet on Blu-Ray or iTunes)

ARM and the BBC recently launched an educational initiative, wherein every child in year 7 in the UK will be given an ARM-based development board in September, with a suite of training materials and tutorials on offer, toward them creating their first Internet of Things device. Pretty cool!

Springtime is a marvellously positive time of year, with the foliage bouncing back into life, the birds swooping in flocks, and tiny adorable bunlets begin to emerge from the warrens. =:D

Some philosophical musings you might want to read, courtesy of poliphilo.

Courtesy of Stack Overflow, a rather entertaining thread on the best comments in source code, including:

#define TRUE FALSE
//Happy debugging suckers

// Replaces with spaces the braces in cases where braces in places cause stasis
$str = str_replace(array("\{","\}")," ",$str);

// drunk, fix later

* Always returns true.
public boolean isAvailable() {
return false;

.. and, of course..
long long ago; /* in a galaxy far far away */

Well, that was nicely timed.. I went to the BBC's site to check if there was any word on MasterChef's return, given it's usually a Spring thing, and saw the new series' first episode up on the iPlayer front page. =:D Always a delight to see such creativity and passion at work, amidst such a fabulous spirit of camaraderie.

I finally also finished off another remarkable BBC production, the two-parter "Bill Bailey's Jungle Hero", about the pivotal role Alfred Russel Wallace played in the discovery of the mechanism of evolution, entirely independently from Darwin, who'd made notes to that effect, but had left them deliberately unpublished, until eventually Wallace's own description, to him, of what was essentially evolution, prompted him to steal the spotlight. Highly recommended viewing - and, in true BBC style, it appears to only be (sort of) available on an out-of-print DVD from Australia. Muppets.

Meanwhile, Netflix are bringing back Inspector Gadget, in a new animated series; and, later this year, CBBC will present a a new series of Danger Mouse. =:D This time, the hero will be voiced by Alexander Armstrong, whom I hadn't realised was also the voice of Mister Smith in The Sarah Jane Adventures.

How's this for an adorable anthro bunny, by Kyoht? Soon to be appearing on bottles of Mad Rabbit vodka, from Denver. ^_^ And a potato vodka, no less! I approve. (At least, judging by the superb nature of Chase potato vodka)

Ooo.. I's a published bunny! Seems the paper on our contour-based video codec finally saw publication in the SMPTE journal recently. =:D