August 13th, 2013


A moment to remember

So, on Monday evening, I went out rabbiteering, as I try to do at least once or twice a week, providing it's not completely overcast. Yesterday was one of those squirrelly evenings, where I couldn't be sure what it was going to be like, and the forecasters were similarly unable to come to any conclusion - the clouds were plentiful, but scattered, making for an evening that wasn't dull, but not sunny either. =:/

With sunsets drawing in, I headed out a bit earlier than I've done recently, as my current prime spot sinks into the shadow of the field's owners' house around 7.10pm at the moment, with the sun vanishing behind the treeline about an hour later.

But, only a couple very quiet buns over by the aerial installation (but, the guard that drives up occasionally seems quite fine with me shoving a lens up against the gate; I could try sidestepping it, as there's a discreet way to walk around it, but I'd like to keep on their good side), barely one by what was 2011's prime spot, and similarly, only a couple quite quiet individuals by the prime spot. So, I continued wandering around a bit more, to increase my chances of spotting activity, and just enjoying the pleasant evening. I gave thought, all the same, to heading off early, given everybun seemed to've taken the day off.

I returned, and found a couple more of that warren had emerged, but as ever, shaded by the tall grass, which obscured their activity from me much of the time. But, between the four of them, there was easily enough activity to enjoy observing, and so I caught a few pleasant, calm moments.

And then - some kind of mad flurry of activity, thankfully while within the viewfinder. As quickly as possible, I took the shot, plus a few more in hope.

(Fortunately, I'd removed the 1.4x TC before returning, as I'd reckoned the lighting wasn't so great - which, as it turned out, also ensured I didn't risk losing any of the shot, in addition to the intended effect of improving the quality of anything I might catch)

I think I can consider the evening a success. ^_^ It's even, at the moment, on the front page of 500px's selection of popular photos; notifications there are constantly lighting up the iPad.

Yes. Rabbits rock. =:D