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Well, okay, not so much a mountain as the peak of Buena Vista park. ^_^

Then a fantastic fried chicken & bacon sandwich at the Magnolia.

And now I find the Toronado has WiFi. This could be dangerous. ^_^

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What?! How'd I miss this? We must break beer! And then you must come rifle through your stuff and separate it into two piles! :)
Indeed, there are surely some boots that would look quite dashing on you. ^_^

I'm happy to note the Magnolia remains a good place. A bit on the pricy side, unfortunately, but then, even the Toronado's charging $4.50-7.50 per short pint, or more, so $6/pint isn't toobad - just one of those inflated costs compared to the UK, I suppose, where £2.50 isn't unusual, £3 at the higher end. (You must make it along to the Great British Beer Festival sometime. The choice is positively boggling, and everything's on gravity)

Needless to say, if I'm still with the current company next year, you'd be entirely welcome to come along. ^_^ I'm about 1h20 from Victoria, and about a 15m walk from the station, so as long as you're sufficiently cogent to find the right train back, you're fine. ^_^