June 26th, 2012


Smooth and nutty

This is a shirt I might just have to buy, for the high levels of geekiness it exudes: Cyber-Vitruvian Man. =:D

Rather a fun idea for a fundraiser - to raise money for World Food Program USA, they're basing each meal on one UN member country's cooking. United Noshes: "Hi! We’re Jesse and Laura. We’re cooking one meal from every United Nations member country, in alphabetical order, as a dinner party and fundraiser for World Food Program USA. We host most dinners at our home in Brooklyn, with an occasional meal in another city, and cherish breaking bread (or naan or whatever is appropriate) with friends – both new and old. Whether physically or virtually, we hope you’ll join us on this (usually) tasty journey!"

A good, detailed examination by Ars Technica on just how SSDs work, via whitetail.

If you have photographic interests and an iPad, Laminar looks potentially interesting, with a reasonably advanced feature set, and the ability to work on RAWs - and it's temporarily free.

Looks like it could be good: Flight, directed by Robert Zemeckis, starring Denzel Washington as a pilot who emerges from a nigh-miraculous landing with nearly all passengers alive - but what actually happened that day?

But, of a slightly furrier bent is Blue Sky's forthcoming (May 2013) release, Epic. Personally, this seems like by far the most interesting project they've embarked on since their early days of the superbly wistful, somewhat melancholic Bunny.

If you have an interest in international news, this opinion piece also serves as quite a useful insight into the complexity of the current situation in Syria, and the many disparate factions and backers.

How have your experiences been with grocery deliveries? In the past, I mostly used Ocado, particularly with a cheap introductory year to their delivery pass scheme, offering any number of deliveries for a (then) small monthly fee, albeit still with the £40 minimum per order. Things I found with Ocado: generally very few substitutions, vegetables immaculate, and the one hour timeslots do help cut down on the necessary waiting around. Their crates system makes for rapid deliveries. Tesco: two hour slots are a bit of a pain, but otherwise seemed to be fine. Sainsbury: perhaps just a result of the local depot, but I was finding the vegetables were often getting old even on arrival, leading me to ditch them fairly quickly. Waitrose: two hour slots as well, not as tight an operation as Ocado, and their groceries site is a bit of a mess by comparison with the others; upside, there's no delivery fee involved, but with a £50 minimum order, with vegetables arriving in perfect condition, and branded lines now all price-matched with Tesco. (Now, if only Aldi or Lidl offered delivery..)