January 14th, 2012

Porsupah skiing

Grey levitation

Fotoshop, by Adobé is a gem of an "advert", styled perfectly after genre TV advertisements for beauty products, slickly produced.

Did I make note of this already? Even if I did, it's well worth encountering again: the best Asuka (Evangelion) costume you've ever seen. I'd be interested to learn what sort of fabric(s) they used - any thoughts? (Tip of the ears to jessie_pup for that!)

You'd never have thought you could have so much fun with two dulcimers! Definitely, if you're in need of something to kick you into action, "Come Alive" by Dizzi Dulcimer and Emily Edwards needs to be in your music library. ^_^

"Letters of Note" is a noteworthy weblog dedicated to publishing what it says; and so very worthwhile, for the insights into humanity it affords. Here's one recent example, from John Steinbeck, to his teenage son, in 1958, after he declared himself to be in love.

Official police tails.

If you need a good warm, fuzzy moment, even if brought about in confrontation, read this account, by a GameStop manager, relating the story of an elder sibling standing up for his younger brother's choice of game and controller, versus their father. As Foalpapers said: "My hat is off to the older brother in this story. His is an attitude and moral fortitude of which we need far more."

Ever wondered what sort of furry Adam of Mythbusters might be? The answer is revealed!

As proof of how interesting photography needn't depend on exotic equipment, consider this posting by Blair Bunting, a rare outing for natural light photography for him, in a diversion about watches, their utility (or lack thereof), and the beauty of good design. Then, consider that all the shots featured were taken with an iPhone 4S.

A look inside reporting of the Bradley Manning hearing is quite enlightening, if somewhat unsettling.

An interesting variation from the norm - and perhaps a look into the future? McDonalds will be giving away nine million copies of Michael Morpurgo's Muddlepuddle Farm books with Happy Meals.

Musician's Friend is having a bit of a "what's the worst cover you've ever heard" thing, and rather unsportingly, kicked it off with this.. example of The Final Countdown. Seriously, what's the point of bringing out the big guns right at the start? O.o;

Not that BT is entirely a bad company, but, having seen their latest price revisions, I'm left wondering just how they imagine themselves to be competitive. It turns out it's cheaper for me to use my cellular connection for calls up to about six minutes long, within the UK.

io9 had a good little interview with Caroline Skinner, the new executive producer ('a role which lead writer Steven Moffat described as the "Prime Minister actually running the whole thing."') of both Doctor Who and The Fades, which she was involved with from the beginning. She confirms David Yates was rather getting ahead of himself in announcing a Doctor Who movie, and that they hope The Fades will return for a second season, with indeed the show initially sketched out in terms of a trilogy.

So, if you were to try converting a Unix timestamp into a human-readable date, using Wolfram Alpha.. well.. um. This falls into the "we can learn stuff from this" category, hopefully with the Wolfram crew in said number.

*sigh* Still no word on the boots I mentioned a couple entries back - at the time (NYE), they suggested it shouldn't take longer than a week for them to come in, but it sounds like the order's bumping its way up the supply chain to a concealed Swiss HQ. Calling on Thursday, they indicated they should know the fate of the order around the middle of next week.. hopefully, that doesn't involve the word "discontinued" or "unavailable".