January 10th, 2012

Porsupah smile by Djinni

Flash flash flash went the bunnies

Inside Job, a documentary feature narrated by Matt Damon, charts the genesis and execution of what led to the recent global financial crisis - and it's now available to stream or download freely on Vimeo. ^_^

Don't suppose someone might be able to identify this bird call? I heard it around 1am, on returning from an hour of surprisingly worthwhile bun photography. I may actually persist with such - I obviously won't be getting especially exciting shots, but these results do suggest that with an IR flood to gain autofocus, I might be able to get some worth keeping. Getting an off-board flash would help considerably - the D90's internal does a decent job, but still quite a bit less powerful than an SB-900.

There's some visual comedy in these side-by-side comparisons of fast food photos against what you'll actually get, carefully photographed with lighting to match the advertising shot. We all know the advertising photography items are.. somewhat meticulously prepared, but seeing the two next to each other.. but, yes, I'm easily amused. =:)

A cute little French TV promo that Pawnytail spotted, starring a reindeer band (even if the leads do use autotune), and an adorable bunny audience. ^_^

If you were curious as to how trackable RFID devices are, you might try asking Mythbusters. They were preparing to do just that, and arranged a conference call with a Texas Instruments geek or two. Except, when the time for that call arrived, the participants were not as expected..

There's some interesting thinking going on with
Fuji's new X-Pro 1. In particular, their color filter caught my eye - rather than the Bayer filter used almost exclusively in digital cameras, arranging photosites as two green, one red, one blue per 2x2 square, they've taken a 6x6 grouping that offers all three photosite colors along vertical and horizontal lines. Full specs here. In a nutshell, it's a MILC, with 16MP APS-C sensor (1.5x crop factor), sensitivity to ISO 6400, expanding to 25600, 3 or 6fps continuous shooting, flash sync to 1/180th. It'll apparently list for around $1700, with lenses for the new X-mount "in the $650 region".

Buckminster Fuller interview with Allen Ginsberg and William S Burroughs, from 1976. (Audio only)

GLaDOS writes a letter to Princess Celestia. There's a superb comment, too: "My little portal, I used to wonder what testing could be. My little portal, until you shared its science with me. Big adventure, tons of fun, companion cubes faithful and strong. Sharing cake, why it's an easy feat, and neurotoxin makes it all complete."

Rejoice! The UN has a plan to turn half the population gay! Either that, or utter insanity isn't confined to just US-based priests: 'The Spanish Catholic Church is also concerned about homosexuality. During his Boxing Day sermon, the Bishop of Córdoba, Demetrio Fernández, said there was a conspiracy by the United Nations. "The Minister for Family of the Papal Government, Cardinal Antonelli, told me a few days ago in Zaragoza that UNESCO has a program for the next 20 years to make half the world population homosexual. To do this they have distinct programs, and will continue to implant the ideology that is already present in our schools."'