August 21st, 2009

Upside-down bunneh with pawpads

Yemeni Haraazi, breakfast of bunnies

Finally installed Snow Leopard (10A432). ^_^ The process went very smoothly, booting off a USB stick I'd used Disk Utility to restore the image onto. It's much as noted elsewhere - very little difference on the surface, with all the fun down below in the engine rooms; my particular favorite will be OpenCL, finally bringing vendor-neutral, cross-platform GPGPU to the desktop, with the standard administered by the Khronos Group, also responsible for OpenGL and friends. It did, however, cause the iPhone to be temporarily invisible, but dropping iTunes back in place (and taking the opportunity to add the debug version of the USB kext, for USB tracing) solved that. It's worth noting that QuickTime 7 and Rosetta are optional installs, though if you have a Pro key, QT7 will be installed by default; they're gradually embarking on a complete overhaul of the frameworks, given how old some of the original code now is, so the player's migrating to "QuickTime X", and its accompanying shiny new frameworks.

And on the OpenGL front, rabitguy pointed out a particularly interesting presentation on the internals of the iPhone's GPU, courtesy of some ingenious hackery. If you'd rather download it, for later viewing, here's the FLV link. ^_^ Also, via the Khronos Group, the presentation given at SIGGRAPH this year on Beyond Programmable Shading, all slides provided.

I feel in an oddly positive mood tonight. ("Oh, I'm sorry, master!" "No, it'll pass, it'll pass.") In part, that's maybe due to getting back into contact with an old friend, in part, someone who makes me feel very good simply thinking about them (let alone being able to snuggle up to them..), and in part, getting some momentum going, at long last, on the iPhone development front and musically. It'll be a while before those last two bear fruit, but it's part of what I need to thrive - too placid an existence merely ossifies the brain, or what passes for mine, in any event. I have a distinct minimum load requirement. =:)

Apropos of nothing, here's dinner. ^_^ A quinoa concoction from ages back, finally taken out of the cryogenic unit, with asparagus, mushrooms, and a dash of cream cheese, alongside two of Middle Farm's superlative wild boar & apple sausages, and a few spears of baby corn, sauteed and nuked with garlic and Greek pepper.

And if you haven't seen the Avatar trailer yet, what are you waiting for? =:D (Needless to say, grab it in 1080p if you can use it, and hook up some good speakers)
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