August 17th, 2009

Relaxing in diveskin

The spirit of persists

Truly an excellent way to spend 2m21s, in a style both cynical and inspiring: a short clip produced by Trey Parker & Matt Stone, to a short segment of an Alan Watts lecture, here looking on the meaning of life.

On the other paw, there's this clip, which ranks quite highly in WTF Quotient, starring a student who, it seems, couldn't quite figure out an automatic glass door. (Though by the looks of it, the glass must've been remarkably thin)

Went exploring last night, over on Terravia Island.. beautifully trippy place. =:D It's almost quite difficult getting good shots there, simply because there's so much to try including or excluding, making good framing quite challenging. Well worth a visit.

How well do HDDs survive mail/courier handling? Presumably perfectly happily, though I'm thinking of ones with data already present, as a more convenient means of shuffling larger volumes of data around, within political boundaries and internationally.

I've been very pleased to get back into comics collecting again - digitally, of course. Proof's gone on a bit of a break, unfortunately, but that leaves Neozoic, Abyss, and Tellos as others I'm following. Still, I admit, I did actually buy some of that paper stuff the other week, up at Comic Relief (an easy choice, given they're so convenient to BART and the University grounds, not to mention Jupiter), with the purchase of both volumes of Beanworld. Which, I admit, surprised me a bit in not actually wrapping up any of the smaller storylines - but, if he'll promise to make a better schedule for future issues than in the past, I'll forgive him. =:)

So, what's all this Passport business about? Some kind of virus?

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