August 10th, 2009

Nabaztag leaning in


patch_bunny noted an article about bee sting remedies, wherein our intrepid reporter is deliberately stung multiple times, all in the name of researching a variety of home-made and commercial remedies - some of which worked very well, some not at all. (The winners? Toothpaste, and ice)

I thought I'd try a quick encoding test, to see how Hyzenthlay and Dandelion compare - with a CPU difference of a single core 1.67GHz MPC7447A ("G4", 512K L2, 2GB 333MHz PC2-4200 DDR) and a dual core 2.8GHz Core2 Duo (3MB L2 per core, 4GB 1066MHz PC3-8500 DDR3 - and if you want to see something scary, check out the price of 4GB modules! Don't think I'm going to max it out to 8GB this year =:), I was thinking there'd be a factor of around 3 involved. So, I took the 1m55s trailer for Cats Don't Dance on the R1 DVD, and ran it through HandBrake 0.9.3, at 1000kbps average, using the High Profile Animation preset, for an H.264/AAC MKV output. Short enough an input file as to make the test bearably brief, long enough to be useful. Hyzenthlay took 39m; Dandelion took 4m05s. (And that's without any GPU assistance - HB's purely a CPU-bound app)

Finally got around to officially activating my copy of Komplete 5 last night.. oh, I'd almost forgotten just how much fun Absynth can be. Such a nifty app, capable of such lush audio texturing so easily. Not sure I'm a huge fan of Native Instruments' update mechanism, though.. choosing to update the DVD set's apps didn't, as I'd hoped, simply download the updates and apply them quietly, but rather, downloaded a stack of separate updaters, each needing to be launched manually in turn. Some of which didn't require pointing to the existing version, whilst others did; some offered a choice of location, others didn't; some would automatically install all the components (AU, VST, RTAS) and standalone version, others needed prompting.. and after all that, B4 II dies on launching. =:P Might have to revert back to an unofficial copy for that one. =:D (Still, not a huge issue - I don't anticipate that being at the core of my noodlings, much as I like the classic Hammond sound)

On the cheaper end of things, Mujik is one of the weirder sequencers I've seen, and plenty of fun - and free, for its debut. ^_^ It's no BeatMaker, or even (probably - I've not yet picked it up, though it looks tempting) SunVox, but it's quirky. =:)

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