July 31st, 2009

Relaxing in diveskin


Not too horrible a photo, given we were zooming around the hillside roads leading over from Mountain View to the coastal side of the peninsula at the time, with me holding the camera up above the car to clear the windshield. Gets a bit breezy taking photos that way, but it's fun. =:D

My host for the day, roohbear, and his rather nice Mercedes SL500.. if you're going to go swooping around winding hillside roads, I can only recommend that this is the way to do it. ^_^

We were meeting another former Terran, who now works over at the fruit factory, in San Jose, so we swung around Santa Cruz, up 17, and found ourselves at yonder Santana Row.

Vince had graciously offered us sushi for dinner, and thus we found ourselves at Blowfish. As soon as I saw the description of To Die For, I knew we had to get it.. imagine, if you will, a lobster roll. Delicious enough by itself. Then, add cubes of filet mignon, and slices of shiitake, in oyster sauce, with wasabi cream on the side. Seriously good.

The sashimi selection arrived, white smoke trailing. =:D

As for the next day..

You know that nigh orgasmic feel of utter contentment you attain on enjoying just the right food and drink some evening?

I found that again on Thursday night, courtesy of the Magnolia Cafe. ^_^ I began with their pork nuggets - now, this is tricky to convey well, given the word summons to mind thoughts of barelymeat in breadcrumbs. No, the meat here was virtually rillette - and even tastier.

To follow, I went with the bourbon spare ribs, served with collard greens with pancetta, and macaroni & cheese.

This is where things went blurry. =:)

Imagine a bourbon barbecue sauce, covering exquisitely meaty ribs, with an angelic sharpness to transform the sauce into something far more. (And the sides played more than their part, too - I wish there'd been more of the greens, and the cheesiness of that creamy sauce was a delight)

And soon, time for the iPhone DevCamp at Yahoo's Sunnyvale campus - a superb opportunity to hear about tricks of the trade from those who've already gotten their paws dirty, including a sunset performance by BT. Anyone else I know going along?

In other news, there is, as mikesedge noted, work afoot to remake The Rats of NIMH, with the director of The Illusionist currently chosen to write the screenplay.

Got along to see Moon, having finally identified what the Bay Guardian referred to, somewhat cryptically, as the SF Center - they actually mean the Century Theaters in the Westfield Center, up on the fifth floor. (A good place to see a film! Very comfortable seating) As for the movie itself - yes, this is good. Not without some odd notions of science, but largely, quite plausible, and nicely intriguing. Sam Rockwell's performance is quite a tour de force, and Kevin Spacey brings life to Gerty, the base's answer to HAL. The design draws noticeable inspiration from 2001's aesthetics, as well as more subtle touches from other better modern sci-fi, like Silent Running. Overall, easily recommended. This is one to go out of your way for, if necessary.

From primaeros, word of the trailer for The Fantastic Mr Fox, apparently in gen-u-wine stop motion, and of course, entirely furry.
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Upside-down bunneh with pawpads

Greetings from sunny Sunnyvale!

Just about to swing by Weird Stuff for an ethernet cable, as a backup for the hotel's WiFi - and not a bad deal for $65 a night! Then it'll be time for rabitguy and I to grab our badges from registration, and enjoy a sunset performance by BT. ^_^

(So, I can definitely recommend the Silicon Way Inn!)

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