June 5th, 2009

Upside-down bunneh with pawpads

Wasabi Scotch Eggs

Tactical corsets.

Does anyone know what I'm talking about? (I mean specifically here =:) I saw an icon a few months back, and of course, failed to save it, so bohor's left wondering what I'm referring to: a cat watching TV, who then turns his head around almost 180 degrees, staring directly into your soul. YouTube finds loads of matches for likely keywords, but not the one I'm looking for. [Edit: found it! I'd still like to re-locate the LJ icon version, though, which stops at the height of that gaze]

Want pinball? Monster Pinball, $3.99/£2.39. Best personal pinball - excellent framerate, plenty of good sound effects, and the occasional table behavior not possible with a physical machine. They've really caught the essence. ^_^ You can see their promo video here.

athelind brings word of the Casting of the Century, although not officially confirmed as yet: Brian Blessed as Odin, in Kenneth Branagh's production of Thor.

So, Thursday's county and European (for some countries, at least - many EU members are only polling at the weekend) went ahead in good spirits locally, with turnout in the range of 40-50% in most parishes. Two genuinely good Independents elected here - father and son, the latter moving up from a position on the town council. (And considering they're of Chinese heritage, I think we can take that as a hearty FU to the BNP =:)

Two shirt.woot! designs you might vote for (alas, only if you've bought something from them in the past): a lapine Cabbage Roast and a draconic Mongolian BBQ.

Uchi Desmoulins' rather spiffy Felis av is now available directly from a vendor, but still for free: just wander over to Curious, and you'll see a freebie box waiting for your click.

Betty Bowers explains traditional marriage. "America's Best Christian takes time to explain to less informed Christians the curious details of the Lord's concept of marriage."

As part of their occasional Meet the Author series, the Regent Street Apple Store will be hosting Guillermo del Toro (Pan's Labyrinth, Hellboy, and a forthcoming two-parter of The Hobbit) on Tuesday, June 9, 7-8pm. No tickets or charge involved.

relee pointed out a show I'd like to see some of as well - so, does anyone have any/all Nightmare Ned? It seems to be one of those shows buried in a deep pit by its original broadcaster, so there's no official release anywhere. =:P

Fun bit of chillout: Expialidocious. "The track is composed of a sine wave bass, custom drum sequences, and sounds recorded from the Disney film 'Mary Poppins'." The same guy's Alice is equally cool - sort of Groove Armada meets Osymyso.

I can think of a few vixens who might enjoy this 'suit pic.

So, digital components, like the computers they form, only do what you tell them to. The same cannot, regrettably, be said of marketers and technical writers. A week ago, by following the datasheet for a particular device, I wasted two days trying to coax life out of this chip, only to find the actual chip behavior was opposite to that described, regarding SPI bus configuration. Then, it worked.. with a catch - it worked, but only on one device. All the other units - same board revision, chips, and so forth - just gave me nothing. Having spent another day or two fruitlessly exploring many options, I stumbled upon the solution: do the opposite of what I had been doing. Quite whether I happened to find a lucky chip that was different to all the others, or if the actual behavior is a matter of chance, I've yet to determine - easy enough to deal with if it does need to be worked out on the fly, but that sort of random behavior is a little off-putting.

Or so we thought. =:D As it turns out, Murphy is alive, well, and laughing his ass off. The first unit had a very delicate soldering problem, it seems; once that was dealt with, it behaved in the same way as all the others, which is the way I'd thought things were meant to work in the first place. Argle!

The week in the salt mine ended on a positive tone, after I knocked up a quick utility to convert an image into a format suitable for the OLED's controller, permitting us to display a much spiffier splash screen on powerup than the previous plain text. Even at just 1bpp, it's far nicer rendered in a real, large font; next comes the fade in & out transitions. ^_^

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