January 25th, 2009

Presto and Alec Azam

Doner pizza

A gallery to peruse, with some gorgeous renditions of famous Franco-Belgian cartoon characters, including the Marsupilami, Professor Calculus, Lucky Luke, and Blacksad.

A TV commercial to see: Cadbury's: Don't Stop the Rock, aka The Eyebrow Ad. =:D

From krinndnz, Fire: The Next Sharp Stick?, from the brain of one Mr John Hodgman. "See, the thing about fire is that it's totally interactive. Fire isn't a bear, but if you put fire on a bear, then the bear becomes fire. It's completely responsive to your needs at a given time, reacting specifically to your fuel input and usage paradigm..."

So, I am of the landed gentry - at least electronically. =:) The other day, I began sharing rent with rabitguy for a nice chunk of Wolf Valley (a hop away from Serenity Woods) spanning a currently open space, a temple to technology, and a nicely modern pad with some glorious riverside views. And plenty of prims to play with. ^_^

A noteworthy submission in thrifthorror - no thumbnail, as that would ruin the surprise. It's fantastically awful, though - and means exactly what you think. ^_^;;

brigus recently noticed a sign for Bush St changed to "Obama" instead, in the same style as the city signs; Shakespeare's Sister has more, noting of those responsible that "a cop stopped one group, but were really cool about it. There's even a picture of him posing with a sign. Funnily enough, we ran into another group that was planning on doing the same thing. They showed up about an hour too late, though."

I suppose it had to come - the Obama action figure. =:D

Very good to see Presto's been nominated for the "Short Film (Animated)" Oscar. True, I may be biased, but I'd say it's an exceptionally strong contender, easily up to the best standards of the golden age of Warner Brothers. ^_^

Australia's SBS is coming out with what promises to be quite a reasonable look into Second Life, in "Alter Ego". Not their first foray, either, having previously aired a simple look at a Melbourne couple in "Our Brilliant Second Life".

Who else uses Koinup? (Not that I'll be abandoning Flickr, but it's a convenient addition to the mix, given SL photography - and virtual worlds in general - is its entire raison d'être, rather than Flickr, where it's tolerated as part of the whole, or FA, where they went to the trouble of carving out a specific prohibition on more than a few images)

Another good weblog to subscribe to, if you're wanting to see some of the diversity of SL destinations, is Virtual Underworld.

Quite a curious little bit of everyday life trivia: a video report (autostarts; only a minute or two long) on a corner store in Accrington that was boarded up for forty years, with all its contents as they were on closing day.

I've subscribed to Channel Frederator for a while now, but only recently have I actually started watching some of them - and they're well worth it! Definitely worth checking out - weekly, usually around ten minutes long, with submissions all of a high standard and varied nature.

On the note of podcasts, I'm having to revisit my earlier thoughts on noise-cancelling headphones - listening to one of the PHC "News from Lake Wobegone" podcasts while walking back from the salt mine the other day, I came to a stunningly unexpected conclusion: cars are really farging noisy things to be around. =:P Not the engines, but the road noise itself. (Not to mention stinky) But could mere noise cancellers handle that kind of challenge? (Obviously, I wouldn't really want isolating headphones while out and about)

coongt is a tease. =;)

El Reg recently looked at a car that is rather interesting, though: the Ellica, a very Thunderbirds-styled electric vehicle from Japan, with a top speed in the region of 230mph, not too far below the Veyron's 253mph. If funding pans out, they're aiming at producing 200 of them, for around $330k/£230k/255k€.

On the more practical front, though, is this nifty design from a German engineering house, with basalt fiber body panels, some or all of which can be OLEDs as well, permitting dashboard instruments or braking lights to be in any configuration desired.

Yow. I recently had cause to take a photo, with an iPaq being the only option to hand.. let's just say it was an illustrative lesson in UI design. So. First, work out which of the several buttons along the edge turns it on. Mostly blank screen, no sign of anything cameralike. I'm then reminded it's Windows Mobile - so, down to the Start button, press with the stylus, along to the applications section, search along the lines of text for something likely, and find HP PhotoSmart Camera. It then gives me a live view of the scene, along with a whole row of anonymous buttons, one a little larger than the others - it's the last one I want, to take a shot. I'm cautioned to keep it still for a few seconds, as it lags between the shutter and actually processing the image.. which takes several seconds.

iPhone: turn it on, and the Camera icon's on the first page, if the owner hasn't tucked it away elsewhere. Press to launch, and you see the live view, and one button, to take the photo. The process lasts under a second. I'm hoping the former isn't representative of other mobile platforms. ^_^;;

An interview with Raph Koster, mostly talking about Metaplace. Nothing terribly astounding, but his answer to the final question indicates a nature to be admired:

Lowell: Getting totally away from virtual worlds, you’re a musician so I’ll ask a more obvious ‘desert-island discs’ question: what five albums couldn’t you live without?
Raph: I would trade five albums for a guitar in a heartbeat.
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