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And here I am (or was, last night).. ^_^

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Hopefully on a few occasions. ^_^ I should be getting my nasty little Nokia reactivated presently, if the battery's still good - sadly, it looks like open WiFi's much less common now, so I'm having to hunt around (given the astonishing roaming costs.. fancy £1.99/min for voice or £6/MB? Hee! No thanks =:) for access when wandering around.

We ought to meet, indeed, and pay homage to those faithful producers of hops. ^_^
An excellent idea! I have to make a little detour to San Jose tomorrow around lunch, another little detour to San Diego for the following week, and will be back in my little paradise thereafter and open to [what passes for] plans.

May I highly recommend, if you've not had the chance and have some travelability, becoming familiar with one of my local favorites while you're in the area.