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And here I am (or was, last night).. ^_^

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Aaah! Poop. Don't suppose you might be in town before Aug 3?

And I shall be endeavoring to visit the Magnolia before very long. ^_^ brigus has indicated they're still worth patronising, despite that ill-advised remodeling of 2006.
It was still interesting as of spring 2008, but I hear they've remodeled yet again.

I'd be up for a pint of their IPA again. When will you be heading there?

Hopefully on a few occasions. ^_^ I should be getting my nasty little Nokia reactivated presently, if the battery's still good - sadly, it looks like open WiFi's much less common now, so I'm having to hunt around (given the astonishing roaming costs.. fancy £1.99/min for voice or £6/MB? Hee! No thanks =:) for access when wandering around.

We ought to meet, indeed, and pay homage to those faithful producers of hops. ^_^
An excellent idea! I have to make a little detour to San Jose tomorrow around lunch, another little detour to San Diego for the following week, and will be back in my little paradise thereafter and open to [what passes for] plans.

May I highly recommend, if you've not had the chance and have some travelability, becoming familiar with one of my local favorites while you're in the area.

Nope. I'll probably next be in San Francisco in September, to move my stuff from SF storage to Ohio house.