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And here I am (or was, last night).. ^_^

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And here I am, 2,000 miles away. :(

Raise a pint for me, as I'm sure you will. ;)
Aaah! Poop. Don't suppose you might be in town before Aug 3?

And I shall be endeavoring to visit the Magnolia before very long. ^_^ brigus has indicated they're still worth patronising, despite that ill-advised remodeling of 2006.
(Deleted comment)
It is. Oh, indeed it is. ^_^

(Even if only temporarily, but I'll be continuing to work on changing that - iPhone development seems like the most likely route, though gods know, the local employment situation's pretty grim, with a few very experienced friend finding it very difficult to land something new)

The sheer life in this place energizes me.. This is what life *can* be like!
yay welcome to my home town :)
A wondrous locale, ne? ^_^
Where's that?
In yonder San Francisco, looking towards Coit Tower. ^_^
Heh. Just can't leave that city alone, can you? :)
*grin* If there's anywhere I belong, it's here, ne? ^_^
(Deleted comment)
I really rather liked the place when I visited!
I love it. The whole Bay Area's what I consider my home territory, but of all of it, the City's just perfect for me.. so much within not that big an area. I know how to get around, I know where to find out about things, and best of all, plenty of friends. ^_^

Of anywhere in the world, this is where I actually feel at home. ^_^

I really want to go back there someday.
Maybe find something in the next week or so? =:)
Welcome! :D

Confession time: I live just 45 minutes from San Francisco, but haven't visited The City in well over a year. :O
Hmm. ^_^

Perhaps I can tempt you up sometime? Could be fun if I can manage to get a little meet together.. might you be interested? What sort of time restrictions would you have?

It has, certainly, been much too long since we last got together. ^_^;
Hey, Bunny!

Welcome back. Sorry I missed you the other night, but I really did not want to share my cold with you. (Okay, the real reason was that I was grumpy and had a backache and dind't feel like going out that late.)
Heya! **hug** Mm, it was getting on a bit, and I was a little tired myself by that point, having spent most of a full day flying and negotiating my passage into the US in Toronto. =:)

We must, of course, arrange getting together presently. ^_^ (Is there something like Fogo de Chão in the City yet?)

DId I miss the post where you said you were coming into town?

Are there any hang out nights in the works, or did I miss all of those too?
*giggle* Well, you know bunnies.. full of tricks. =:) I dropped a broad hint on Thursday, but that didn't seem to make any pennies drop. >grin<

Definitely, I'd love to get together! Any thoughts? Perhaps sushi would be a good idea. ^_^
Nice seeing ya today!
**hug!** Indeed so. ^_^ I do enjoy a good film, but it's so much more fun with good company. And you didn't get to actually behold the wonder of the Glaros in person. Yet. ^_^