August 31st, 2008

Porsupah smile by Djinni

Doctorin' the Tardis

So, finally, I get to order a new toy or two. ^_^ At long last, a camera - for the past few months, I've been using the coworker's Minolta A200. A perfectly respectable unit indeed, but probably destined to be sold off soon. I went for the Panasonic Lumix TZ5, which combines a very compact design with a 10x zoom, which should make for a good buncam, whilst also being something I can just slip in my pocket or bag. As a bonus, whilst it doesn't really replace a camcorder, it'll also take 720p 30fps video, which could also come in very handy when the warren's out and about in the evenings. And then also a Maxtor external 1TB drive, in a FW400/USB2 case, which'll be large enough to be home to the various music and video applications and libraries, plus plenty of free space for projects and footage, if I can get off my tail and get into Final Cut Pro 6 to edit down some of the travel footage into something non-tedious. ^_^

The bigger purchase will be waiting until I'm in a position to pounce one or two people. =:)

Oh, I like this.. reminds me of a mellow DK50/80: Fujiya & Miyagi - Knickerbocker Glory. (As Wikipedia notes, they're neither Japanese, nor a duo, but a foursome from the exotic climes of Brighton =:) Curiously, the vocalist reminds me quite a bit of later Momus.. whom I once had the pleasure of enjoying live, back at Bottom of the Hill, not a long distance from Goat Hill Pizza, who make very nomworthy sourdough pizzas of many strange and wonderful varieties.

And whilst hardly a recent release, I particularly liked Noisia - Massada, a paradoxical mellow D&B track.

Omega Point looks like somewhere well worth a visit, judging by Garth Goode's SLWTF report. And it's only a bit more remote than dakhun's recent holiday spot of Ellesmere Island. =:) You can see a couple photos from the trip here, by way of a taster.

Now there's a TI chip I wouldn't mind taking home.. 6 channels of audio input, 8 output, 24 bit resolution, 96/192kHz sampling. MOTU do some fantastic stuff, but not much of it's very portable, so much as luggable. Wonder if there's some way the boss can wrangle a sample or two.. ^_^ (We use one of their chips on the radio side of things, so they know the sound of his voice. Seasoned salesmen have been known to flee)

Hm.. seems there are some quite handy LJ scripts for GreaseMonkey, including removing LoudTwitter stuff, and collapsing YouTube embeds into links. (I rarely watch embedded clips, preferring to open the link in a background tab, so I can carry on with my flist while that loads. As is, that means clicking to bring up the tools icon in the YouTube frame, click + cmd-C to copy the URL, cmd-T to open a new tab, cmd-V to paste it in, and Return to make it all happen; or, if it's something good, opening KeepVid and loading a saveable MP4/FLV from there instead)

I recall one report I had to write for an English class, summarising a book you'd read recently, in two sides or less. For some reason, I thought The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy would be a good choice. I seem to recall quite a lot of very small writing being involved.. (It didn't get a great mark, but adequate. Very good teacher, though; nicely matched to Trevor Nunn - looking at his IMDb entry, you see a fine lineup of Shakespearean works, plus a couple recent musicals, including.. Acorn Antiques: the Musical.. ?)

So, The Big Lebowski begat The Church of the Latter-Day Dude. =:D

Oooh. A friend just confirmed his staff discount would bring Final Cut Studio 2 down from $1299 to $649 - and Logic Studio becomes an especially easy decision, from $499 to $249. =:9

As a promo stunt for a department store in the studio's home town of Bristle, Wallace & Gromit were given designer makeovers. Marvel at Wallace in a Dolce & Gabbana shirt and Alexander McQueen jacket. =:D "Wallace usually shops at Tank Top Man so this is a big transformation for him."

Interesting. Apparently, BBC Worldwide's in the process of setting up a new drama unit, based in Los Angeles.

Nice touch - the latest SL beta, 1.21RC0, finally brings a real OS X style "installer" into its disk image. ie, an icon on the left that you drag onto the icon on the right, which is a link to the Applications directory. A merely cosmetic touch, but agreeable nonetheless.

Not a 'yena, but I thought paka might like this African wildehond av. And this ringtailed lemur is rather spiffy, too; only available until Sep 20, apparently.

Cute idea - a preview for a Greenwich Village play, Alcohol, was held in SL; its RL opening's on Sep 11. Sounds like a production that'd lend itself easily to a virtual setting, even if not taking advantage of VR's creative possibilities.

Bah! The Ghostbusters game is on hold, following Activision's merger with Vivendi: Sony's looking elsewhere for a publisher, possibly now to coincide with the film's 25th anniversary, in 2009.

Meanwhile, there's always Roboho, "a fantastic new type of erotic adventure game never seen before. The setting: MEGA CITY the amazing metropolis of the future! The action: XXX hardcore robo-sex! The objective: master your Roboho and start earning money! If you can handle this fabulous sex machine, you may have what it takes to be a 21st Century RoboPimp!" Requires signing up for some site, though, ostensibly to prove your age, so the cheese factor has yet to be accurately ascertained. The requirements are very modest, so how the graphics compare to those on the site is another matter: PPC/486, System 7.5/Windows 3.1, 8MB memory.. ^_^;

If you're looking for some subtly different furry artwork, the Japanese doujinshi Howl might be worth a look, judging by their covers - some very nice work indeed! The same collective's putting out a CD-R edition of Audie-Gryph's latex avian work.

Speaking of which, C$209 doesn't sound too bad for a luge suit.. so shiny! Maybe I need to put a wishlist up on the site. =:D (And yes, the thumbnails do take you to good resolution versions. *whine*) Besides, it's a well known fact that rabbits in latex look good. ^_^

Coffee recommendation for the week: Union Hand-Roasted's Rwandan ground. For me, this is the sweet spot - rich enough to be wholly satisfying, without being overwhelming, with some very pleasant influences along the way. Same price as any other bag of ground coffee, and made by an ethical company (albeit with an apostrophe surplus).

Dinner (no photo, unfortunately - I didn't think about it) turned out rather nicely on Thursday. =:9 I thought I'd use one of the packs of minced lamb, and just went into it with a vague notion of something mildly spiced, atop bulgar wheat. So, in the meat went, plus garlic powder, tandoori spice mix, some finely chopped onion, balsamic vinegar, tamarind paste, oregano, and a little chili powder. Oh, yes. That worked. As for the wheat, I thought a touch of tangy creaminess might work nicely, and folded in a little aged Gruyère, to very good effect. Finally, before actually serving it, I added a good amount of finely chopped broccoli and whole baby corn to the meat, to bring some balance to the dish, and add a little crunchiness.

Sunday - much simpler. Chicken and chips. Of course, I couldn't leave it quite that simple.. so after the chicken was partially cooked, I draped an artichoke heart over the top, a couple thin strips of Irish cheddar, and a slice of bacon, before putting it all back in the oven. =:9

Yes, Wacom, we love you too. Gr. Just for fun, I thought I'd compare the UK and US prices for a 12" Cintiq - $949 vs £825. (Anyone used one? The reports I've read seem full of praise for the obvious aspect - you're drawing where the image is, rather than having to split your hand movements and seeing the results)

atomicat's posted some genuinely wonderful photography in the past, but ye gods, this panorama really needs to be seen at full resolution.

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