July 1st, 2008

Let's Make Rabbits


Well. O.o

I'm getting the projector set up for the finale, I think. ^_^

As someone pointed out on doctorwho, though - wasn't it a little odd that (avoiding spoilers) one person kept introducing herself by name and title, and pointedly presenting ID? Could this be some variant of the Doctor's "psychic paper".. ? But, perhaps more likely, is this speculation regarding Donna Noble's true identity. There's clearly more to be told there, given the loud telegraphing they've engaged in throughout the series, not to mention the way she and the Doctor originally met (from our perspective), which was never really explored.

Watching the Confidential last night, they noted the new Davros was also previously the traveling fair manager in Torchwood. Also of note, even if surely irrelevant, was the way that Sylvester McCoy appeared in Doctor garb. A good edition, actually - they paid a lot of attention to the prosthetics design, and the design of the original Daleks, including giving their original designer (not Terry Nation!) a tour of the current workshops and set. Quite amusing to see the Dalek voice actor attends the script readings with ring modulator in hand.. =:D

And if you'd like to be Davros, the Radio Times is running a competition to win the mask used on the recent cover, made by Neill Gorton of MilleniumFX.

I might have to get along to Kew again sometime - this does sound well worth a trip. "The Xstrata Treetop Walkway, which opened at the end of May, is the latest design from London Eye architects Marks Barfield. Rising to a height of 18 meters and stretching across 200 meters, visitors can walk between 50 of Kew's mature broad-leafed trees." Come to think of it, I really ought to get along to the Eden Project again - I've only seen the place while under construction, and it was impressive enough even then.

A couple places that seem worth visiting: Sanchez - spanning five sims - and Desperation Vivienne.

And if you'd like something to drive around Sanchez et environs in, how about a Land Rover, with the proceeds going to Nothing But Nets, a charity devoted to issuing mosquito nets?

Good transcript of the recent Extropia Core interview with Charlie Stross, touching on the nature of older and newer science fiction writing, trends, publishing, and more.

I think I'm going to have to try this out for size: a pachinko game where you're the ball. =:D (Of course, it's a Japanese creation)

Naturally, I liked this lapine-themed lolscience entry.
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