May 14th, 2008

Curr and Skeef

Megaprim liberation in LL's sights

When deities discover the erase tool..

Via Joe.My.God.: "A bulletin from the Califoria Supreme Court confirms that it will issue its ruling on same-sex marriage tomorrow at 10am [PDT]. The ruling is expected to be favorable and celebrations are already being planned."


And maintaining the high class aura of my mumblings, momentrabbit happened upon TesteTouch. (Caution: autoloads an embedded video clip)

loganberrybunny put forth a thoughtful entry recently on vaccinations.

Sunday dinner (and probably Monday and Tuesday's lunches =:) turned out well, especially considering it was just ad hoc - I'd picked up some reduced Aberdeen Angus braising steak, and thought I'd put some of the pulses and grains to work. So, I got a sort of broth going, starting with a packet of spicy lentil soup, adding plenty of Greek basil, some garlic powder, paprika, cilantro, and crushed Sichuan pepper, leaving the pound or so of beef to simmer away, adding about half a pound of pearl barley later on, so it'd have time to cook through by the time I was hoping it'd be ready.

I was thinking it'd need a few hours, but even ninety minutes in, the beef was almost flakingly tender. =:9 I wrapped it up there, thinking it needed a bit more life in the sauce, with a tablespoon or so of an energetic piri-piri sauce, some watercress, a salad pepper, and mangetout.

Such good meat.. just so tasty, and so tender. And with the barley expanding that much during cooking, it'll easily make one additional big lunch, or more likely, two moderate ones. (As indeed it did!)

Rabbitspotting's been a bit thin on the ground lately, as they've largely been of the opinion that the best way to spend a hot day is in the shade. Still, there have been one or two around, close to the hedges, well into the cover - that said, Tuesday did see one bun lying stretched out happily, facing into the wind, ears down, seemingly enjoying the wind through her fur.

s30e6 "The Doctor's Daughter": it'll take Mr Moffat to surpass just how much fun that was - easily the best of the season. Perhaps a slightly daffy revelation, but straight out of classic Who, and quite wonderful, even if the subsequent non sequitur surprise tempted me to stop watching right there. Quite an excellent guest star, too - perfectly cast, quite easily on a par with her father, if not even eclipsing him. ^_^ Amusing title, too, given she's Georgia Moffett, daughter of Peter Moffett, better known as Peter Davison. =:D (Her mother? Trillian)
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