March 29th, 2008

Pac-Man hat

Lapine fashion, Tokyo style

Tokyo fashion goes furry with genuinely animalistic hoodies!

Now, doesn't this Wiimote use for live music creation have some seriously fun possibilities?

The second, rather grandiose, trailer for Doctor Who season "four". ^_^

So, I thought I'd see what this chain pub's claim to a beer festival was like - and remarkably, it turned out to yield some real finds. First up, Tokyo Black, a Japanese imperial stout, reminiscent of Rasputin's, but not as phenomenally massive - a good thing if you're planning on eating or drinking anything else that day. =:) Then, Orkney Brewing's Dark Island, a distinctive heavy ale - somewhat sweet, quite smokey, and heavily malted. Finally, Nethergate Brewing's April Fool, a surprisingly hoppy ale, more golden and somewhat lighter bodied, but still unmistakably an ale, not a lager. ^_^ (Far be it for be to disparage any such, of course - I'll happily quaff Aecht Schlenkerler Rauchbier or Pilsner Urquell!) 'Course, by "lighter bodied", bear in mind the context - I'd compare this to something like Magnolia Cafe's Proving Ground IPA. :-9