September 21st, 2007

Rickay aglance

Essential aesthetics

In a most welcome move indeed, the New York Times has closed its TimesSelect service, making such formerly "premium" work available freely on the site instead. 'The move is an acknowledgment by The Times that making Web site visitors pay for content would not bring in as much money as making it available for free and supporting it with advertising.'

Now, scalies can be cute (and shiny), and bunnies, well.. so, say you had a TF sequence taking one hapless individual from the former to the latter condition, expressed in toony sketchings reminiscent of Warner's golden age, you might expect it'd have some appeal to me. Oh yes. =:D

And for a shinier kind of TF, there's this one by Jutland Claymore, starting with two furs, one of latex. ^_^ (Thanks to mycroftb for finding that!) Or there's Kenzik's similarly shiny TFs here and here.

Some cars are lovingly customised. Some.. are less fathomable, as jirris_midvale unfortunately noticed. Thus, the pain must be shared. [Edit: bah! Photo's temporarily offline]

SL Ballet's debuting a new production on Sunday, "with original choreography by Inarra Saarinen and a score by Louis Volare. 'Windows' is a series of vignettes about seeing glimpses of a person's life and loves." 5pm, on IBM 10 (14,179).

So, I'm finally caught up with the SL Music Dev list again - from which I learn there'll finally be a music venue section in a revamped Showcase area on the LL site, drawn on user-submitted contributions - and I'm on top of the SL Dev list as well, which looks like it'll be an excellent addition to my LSL resources. Rather cool seeing genuine discussion taking place with addresses, too. (FWIW, the source is now up - no big changes, basically just the addition of the IE URL handling vulnerability patch) The bug tracker is well worth perusing, too - there's some good discussion to be found, such as here, initially suggesting visual muting of objects on 16x16 parcels, to effectively eliminate adfarms.

Oh, such a gorgeous plush hare, from Hansa. (Though I would've posed the ears a little less awkwardly =:) About my only criticism would be less obvious seam lines, but that's a difficult problem, unless the fur nap's quite long.

Stephen Fry - who now has his own weblog, echoed on fryblog - takes a long, penetrating gaze at the history and state of smartphones; like any journey through history, the vistas are replete with grandeur and shit, and this one's no exception. It's primarily intended for a gadgethead audience, but it remains a good read for those of us largely uninterested in such devices, given his particular style of writing.

plushlover spotted this superb two-dimensional chart for outcomes of modern lifestyle choices. =:D

Best comment on the video of a student being tasered at a John Kerry speech: "When the Taser was first introduced, we heard it was only to be used in a case where deadly force was the only alternative. This was also the excuse for when the Taser killed someone--well we would have had to used deadly force, they would say, wringing their hands. Now the Taser is used for behaviorial modification in places that deadly force would never be used: ordering a student out of a library, making a protestor not ask a question at a political forum. (I have no sympathy for a protestor being arrested for disrupting a political event, but there is no excuse for being tased), or silencing an unruly defendant. Bouncers at clubs are without such devices and yet can maintain order, merely by threat and menance of force: why aren't the police doing this? Have we lost the ability to defuse without escalation and torture?"

A guy buys a laptop backpack, uses it, strap breaks. 'Dave had only purchased it a few months previously so decided to return to PC World and request an exchange. However, on entering the Leeds branch of PC World and explaining that he had been carrying his 17-inch Apple MacBook Pro in the bag, Dave was bemused to hear the store's response. "I was told, in no uncertain terms, that the bag that I had purchased was 'incompatible with Mac laptops'."' (El Reg also refer back to another story with the same chain, where they refused to repair a broken display hinge because the guy had installed Linux)

The good news: Logic Studio comes with a rather nifty showcase disc, including Logic Pro sessions from a number of folks, including Plaid and Shiny Toy Guns. The bad news: Hyzenthlay's too slow to use any of them. :-P I can try dropping Logic Node onto Ocelot, but I doubt a 400MHz G4 will be much of a network boost to a 1.67GHz G4. ^_^;

"A wild rabbit grooms its ear along a road near Great Falls, Montana", as found by djmermaid.