July 11th, 2007


That Kind of Macro

Could be fun.. J.J.Abrams' latest plaything comes out next year: 1-18-08. Much stompiness ahoy!

Does anyone know who I'm thinking of? About ten years ago, a fur living in Minneapolis sent me two photos of himself as a black rabbit - lycra unitard, and a mask modified from a Halloween store purchase. There aren't that many Mipple City furs, and certainly not then. No particular reason - just curiosity.

This posting and its comments hold some gems of bad spelling in adverts and conversation, and the images they conjure up.. "Circus Olay" and "Acidic Jews", anyone? (Cue "Ode to a Spellchecker")

patch_bunny should be aware that motorbikes are dangerous. ^_^;

The curious story of the cat and the chorus pedal.

FlyGesture's a nifty little app to translate mouse gestures into any arbitrary sequence of actions you want. And it's free! Here's a brief clip demonstrating how it works.

Zombie-Loan might be worth a look. I'm not entirely sold, yet, but it seems to have promise, despite the formulaic elements. The main character notices that two (very popular) classmates have black rings around their necks - a sign of impending death; the ring first appears, then darkens as the person's end draws closer. Trouble is, both of theirs are completely black. Turns out they didn't survive the accident that claimed many of their sempai, but are now indebted to the Z-Loan company, given an extension of life, in exchange for helping harvest those whose times have come. (By whomever's estimation, but I doubt it'll go there, much as I'd like)

Damn, that did work well! Chili oil, garlic granules, two sliced bird's eye peppers. Then a small cubed-up chicken breast and lemon juice, a little rosemary, and a few quartered mushrooms, followed a little later by several baby corn and halved mangetout. Finally, a packet of wok-ready ramen and a small package of tiger prawns. Sounds complex, but oh, the results! Like the best Singapore noodles - succulent chicken, sweet prawns, tanginess, heat, piquance galore!