June 29th, 2007

Frolicking bunny



Did you know there are furries in the Bay Area?

"Conductor: For those of you that are interested, Penn Station is next. For those that aren't, it still is." Are NYC conductors commonly snarky, or do submitters to OiNY just manage to catch the rare exceptions? I don't recall ever hearing anything but routine station announcements on BART, and no-one but a select few can understand the Tube announcers anyway.

Recently, a meeting of large and small music publishers, managers, and other representatives of the music industry convened in Kristiansand - and came to some remarkably sane conclusions:

* Prosecuting end users is silly - when you can monetise them

* Since "piracy" today means "get free music", the future has to offer something that "feels like free"

* Vastly wealthier industries than the music business today profit from the demand for recorded music - without giving anything back. That isn't fair, and it's got to change

* Digital music services of the future need a better deal than the begrudging and piecemeal licenses offered so far by rights holders: but these have to be so attractive only the suicidal would want to turn it down.

"The era of levies is over," said one participant. "Government isn't going to step in and hand us a business."