June 27th, 2007


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Chicken chicken chicken. Unquestionably the most illuminating presentation you'll see this year, which pyesetz somehow stumbled upon.

paka will probably get a kick out of this religious comparison. ^_^ (Read on into the comments, too)

Has anyone else been seeing unreliability in LJ comment notifications? It still seems to be going on - from that last entry, I saw maybe 20% reach me as notifications, yet comments in anyone else's journals seem fine, though sometimes delayed a bit. Not to say I'd refuse a permanent account. =:D

Tired of the endless fecal products Disney dumps straight to DVD? It sounds like that's now in the past. 'Little Mermaid III, which is currently in production, will be the last of the direct-to-DVD animated sequels. In a 2003 conference call with financial analysts, Jobs said how much he hated the DVD sequels. "We feel sick about Disney doing sequels. If you look at the quality of their sequels it's pretty embarrassing."' That said, I'd commend those responsible for TLK 1.5 (or 3, in some countries) - not quite theatrical grade, but far superior animation to any of their TV work. And direct DVD releases aren't uncommon for anime, often being of higher quality than TV debuts, though as yet there seems little sign of interest in developing such a direct market, bypassing the multiple vested interests in broadcasting.

I had to highlight this OpenGL example app: FBOBunnies, demonstrating framebuffer objects. ^_^

The Union of Concerned Scientists wants your vote on your favorite cartoon regarding the politicization of science. Some good contenders there, of the twelve nominees. (Might want to watch the "add me to these lists" boxes, with one checked by default; though it could be a good mailing list. They do still exist)

If you're adept with a Wacom, you might try entering Sclipo's competition to produce a tutorial on using a Wacom tablet for any purpose that interests you, up to five minutes in length, no more than 100MB. Top prize? A most lustworthy Cintiq 21UX. It wraps up on Aug 25 2007, but as they're seeking publicity by making votes part of the determining of the winner, getting your clip(s) in earlier would help.

worthyadvisor found this remarkable cake. A manly cake. A cake made out of meat. =:D

Via bohor, an introduction to Canada. Not purely worksafe, but nearly.

Dessert idea for the day (bunny tested and approved): crunchy nut clusters cereal with hot, fresh custard. ^_^ As crappy a day may be, that's a good way out.

And is there maybe some purely coincidental link between the Valiant, as in The Sound of Drums, and SPECTRUM's Cloud Base? Hee! (And for more random speculation, maybe you've something to say on my posting over there, regarding the Valiant; spoilers for anyone who hasn't watched The Sound of Drums yet)