April 2nd, 2007


EMI tries selling milk without added vinegar

Well, there's something of a surprise.. EMI, who'd once seemed open to the idea of letting go of DRM, was reported a few weeks ago to be toughening its stance once more, in readiness for merger talks, which subsequently fell through. Today, EMI and Apple announced the availability of DRM-free online music. Interestingly, if disappointingly, it won't supplant the existing offerings, but be in addition to the DRM'd files, and at higher audio quality. Will people pay extra to be free of DRM? 99¢ for 128kbps AAC with DRM, or $1.29 for 256kbps AAC without DRM. EMI thinks so - "Nicoli cited internal EMI tests in which higher-quality, DRM-free songs outsold its lower-quality, copy-protected counterparts 10 to 1." [Edit: complete EMI albums will only be available DRM-free at 256kbps, with no change in price. EMI music videos will also be DRM-free]

Got an iPod nano? Now you can bunnify it. =:D (Sadly, the full size version's sold out)

Oh, cracking good show, Gromit! A fan video for Korn & Tommyknocker - Twist (FLV), using Balto, and a load of video effects. OONTZ!

Via loganberrybunny, news of a rabbit who tried furiously to awaken his human, who'd slipped into a diabetic coma. "Simon Steggall, 42, of Warboys in Cambridgeshire, said Dory, a one-and-a-half stone rabbit, jumped on his chest and thumped furiously when he passed out while watching television. Dory's odd behaviour caught the attention of Mr Steggall's wife, Victoria, 32, an ambulance driver. When her attempts to bring him round failed, she rang 999 for paramedics for help."

Doctor Who s3e1 - unreservedly recommended! Wonderful. I could've done without the 1930s Frankenstein theatrics of electric arcing, but the chemistry's right there, and RTD's maturing well as a writer. It's positively refreshing to have a companion who might be able to show up the Doctor on occasion.

Apparently (despite the April 1 date) some folks have got full OS X running on Apple TV..

One of the more faaabulous videos I've seen: Sin with Sebastian - Shut up and sleep with me (FLV). ^_^