February 24th, 2007

Porsupah Ree (head on hand)

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This, you'll want to see: a very brief Disney CG/traditional animation test (FLV), from 1983, for a scene from Where The Wild Things Are, directed by John Lasseter. There's some extraordinary cuteness, I should warn. =:D

As rabitguy pointed out, whilst the rights have apparently now reverted - as nifty as it'd be to see Lasseter pick it up again, now that he has a little more swing with the studio - there's a live action version currently being made, directed by Spike Jonze (credits including Being John Malkovich, and the videos It's Oh So Quiet for Björk, and the Beastie Boys' Sabotage) and co-written by the guy responsible for the Contact screenplay.

If you've been following Rabbit Valley's Circles, read this, on Diamond's refusal to carry the title. This places it in an awkward position financially, let alone the small matter of the sheer physical space this ties up.

Looks like it could be quite a worthwhile new title: Korgi.

Commission Shiuk early, and often.

"Anyone in Minnesota, the Dakotas, northern nebraska, or northwest Iowa want the worlds best dog?" (A malamute, up for adoption)

I want to give lagomorphs thumbs. Maybe laser eyes, too - could jump up and spin around, for a Last Starfighter "death blossom" effect.

This page outlines quite a serious exploit affecting users of commercial or home routers; basically, if you have one on your LAN, make sure you've changed its password from the factory default, and to something not easily guessed. The gist of this attack is that a malicious webpage would contain some javascript that would connect to your router, and point the DNS to the attacker's servers, rather than your ISP's. So, nothing to download or install. Once sucked in, as far as you could tell, going to your bank's site would be working as normal, except you'd be visiting the attacker's clone of it. (The link above contains a good Flash animation explaining it all very well)

I've found myself getting increasingly interested in salads lately. One combination that worked especially well the other day was strips of iceberg lettuce (I think I still prefer romaine/cos, for the crunchiness, but iceberg's slightly more watery nature is pleasant too, and miles better than the infamous little gem, suitable only for prawn cocktails and garnishes), rings of sweet pepper, avocado, cherry tomatoes, and some gherkin slices, topped with - of course - the dish's meat quotient, a grilled breaded turkey escalope. Crunchy, tangy, delicately sweet..

And pic for the day is easily this beautiful piece paka pointed out to me. ^_^