February 18th, 2007

Porsupah Ree en rose

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The Perry Bible Fellowship continues to rock.

The Furry Song. Genius. =:D

If that's too sensible, try the techno remix of Machadaynu that rabitguy found. (Caution: MySpace ahead) Music of the 21st Century, today!

Your daily dose of woo: Aquamantra spring water ("Energy Enhanced Natural Spring Water that resonates with the energy and frequency of well-being").

mycroftb spotted this gem of a Flash parody: Phoenix Wrong: Triple Take.

Giant rat in Chicago
dronon found that the terribly bittersweet One Rat Short is viewable online. And, there's a Ratatouille animation test around as well, uploaded by Pixar; it's very welcome to see companies embracing the possibilities YouTube and its ilk afford.

And! The Secret of NIMH will see a special edition DVD release this summer, from a new HD master. "Actually, we just completed a re-mastering of the film for a new DVD which will be coming out next year. If all goes according to the marketing plan, it will feature an HDTV 16x9 version [no longer on the cards, apparently], a 1:1.85 letterbox version and a full screen version. It will have all the minutia, including negative dirt and scratches removed. We are doing a producer/director's commentary and on camera interviews for the 'extras' in about two weeks. When we know the release date of , we will post it on the homepage of this site. Right now, we believe it will be in March or April. The new master looks beautiful! MGM/UA is releasing it thru 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment."

rabitguy reminded me of a latterday CG classic that, if you've not seen it, really oughtn't be missed: The End (FLV), by Chris Landreth, also director of the Oscar-winning Ryan, based on the life of Ryan Larkin, who recently fell victim to lung cancer.

And Heck No! (I'll Never Listen to Techno) (FLV) is a brilliant bit of stop-motion animation.

Via relee, an eight page interview will Will Wright on Spore.

otter3 noticed computing with bubbles. Be sure to check out the included movies (MPEG-1) - really quite captivating.

Hey, schnee - how's this for a superlative example of overloading information per syllable? We shall now turn to ibneko for a reading. =:D

This shirt I must obtain. Yes. Might well appeal to terminotaur too. ^_^

Ars Technica offers an opinion on Macrovision's open letter to Jobs' DRM missive. (Can you imagine it? A company founded on, and selling nothing but, DRM, coming out.. in favor of DRM?) Or, less reverently, a translation from PR-speak.

Ah, I see searching in Google Video now returns results from both Google Video and YouTube.

A distinctly retarded, nerdy, and funny short: Gates versus Jobs.

A new shareholder lawsuit alleges that Intel paid around $100m per quarter to Dell in exchange for keeping AMD out of their lineup, with one year's payments topping $1b. Intel are claiming what substance there is to the suit constitutes a tiered exclusivity discount.

Chris Chibnall, responsible for some of Torchwood's worst, now graces Life on Mars. Oh joy. Still, the first episode was a very welcome return, even if some elements were overplayed somewhat, like the disdain for reporters. And WTH's with the fog-like thickness of smoke everywhere? Yes, smoking was more widespread then, but people could still see where they were walking.

Silly bit of Flash: 1-click. In case you need enhanced visibility for your mouse pointer..

In the process of seeing whether I could intercept a Flash video stream, I discovered a very handy TCP sniffer front-end, Eavesdrop. Very easy to use, whilst remaining fully functional.